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Carrie Underwood Teases the Return of Her Las Vegas Residency

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

After the release of her new song, “Ghost Story,” country queen Carrie Underwood teases the return of her Las Vegas residency in a fiery Twitter post.

When Underwood performs, she makes sure the audience never forgets the experience. She sparkles, she dazzles, and she amazes everyone lucky enough to hear her magnificent voice. With the return of her residency, Carrie Underwood shares a brief clip of her previous Las Vegas residency, and fans are slowly losing their minds.

The 39-year-old singer’s caption reads, “Let’s get fired up! #REFLECTION returns this week! #CUinVegashttp://axs.com/carrieinvegas”

One excited fan in the comments announced their upcoming trip to Underwood’s concerts. “I can’t wait to see you this Wednesday with my mom for her birthday we are 4 rows from the stage we are so excited!”

We’re certainly excited too, Outsiders. If Underwood’s new music sounds anything like “Ghost Story,” then we will be adding many of the songs to our country playlists.

Carrie Underwood Reveals the Inspiration Behind New Song ‘Ghost Story’

There’s no stopping “Before He Cheats” singer Carrie Underwood with her upcoming Las Vegas residency. But with “Ghost Story” out now, fans finally get to discover the inspiration behind the song.

David Garcia, Hilary Lindsey, and Josh Kear co-wrote the song together. The Oklahoma-born singer and Garcia also co-produced it together.

“They are such talented, amazing songwriters who know me so well,” Underwood said of the writers. “From the first time I heard it I knew I had to record it. I have always loved performing songs that tell a story and inspire some kind of cinematic imagery when you hear them, and that is definitely true of ‘Ghost Story.’ It creates a mood and a vibe that is different than anything else I’ve recorded before.”

Underwood couldn’t be more proud of writers for creating such a mesmerizing song and finding a great way to start a new era for her music.

“The song is hauntingly beautiful, has a really wide range and amazing melody,” she continued. “[It] just tells this really cool, cinematic story of how this guy is never going to be able to let go of the girl he let go of because she’s just always going to be haunting him. He’s going to see her everywhere. He’s gonna want her back but she’s moved on. Sorry man.”

Back on her birthday, the singer found another unique way to celebrate her love of all things haunted. And it might not be how we were expecting her to. During a birthday trip to Scotland, Underwood visited a haunted castle!

“This was a few years ago, I had a birthday, and we were in Scotland,” she said during an interview with Today’s Country Radio. “And I was like, okay if I’m going to spend my birthday in Scotland, I want to stay at a haunted castle. They found one for me in Inverlochy.”