Carrie Underwood Is a Total ‘Proud Mom’ Snapping Pics at Son Isaiah’s First Baseball Game

by Kati Michelle

Summer is dwindling down and fall is fast approaching. Though, it’s a little hard to tell given all the lingering heat advisories. Still, some people are using whatever excuses they can to whip out those pumpkin spice lattes and campfires– not California residents, though. They still find themselves under a campfire ban. Regardless, if pumpkin spice isn’t your thing, Outsiders, maybe tailgating is. That’s right, the season of burgers, dogs, and beer is upon us. As we dive into fall sports, that means our kids do too and they need a way to get to practice. Even superstar Carrie Underwood finds herself stepping into that role of “baseball mom.”

Carrie Underwood Cheers From the Sidelines

A son’s first baseball game isn’t something to brush over. Instead, it’s something to celebrate loudly from the bleachers… and with 10.5 million Instagram followers. So, that’s exactly what Carrie Underwood chose to do. Underwood shares two children, both sons, with her husband, Mike Fisher. The two actually just celebrated over a decade of marriage together.

In Underwood’s most recent Instagram post of their son, Isaiah, the little league champ sports a #10 jersey with his father and former NFL star’s last name. Carrie talks about the difference between watching her husband and her son play in the light-hearted caption:

“Isaiah made his baseball debut tonight! I got more nervous watching him than I used to get when I watched his daddy play hockey! #ProudMom #KidCanHit ❤️”

Between the two photos and video she posted, we see Isaiah take on a few different positions in the game. He spends some time up at the bat, while also spending some time in the outfield. After a solid attempt at-bat, we catch a glimpse of his trot over to first base. Mama bear Carrie Underwood cheers him on the whole time with another kid heard in the background. We can assume this is Isaiah’s brother. The two cheer for their “bubba” loud enough for him to hear all the encouragement.

If you want to join in celebrating Isaiah at his very first baseball game, you can do so here:

All-Star Baseball Game National Anthem Throwback

Carrie Underwood is an all-around American and “girl next door.” It makes sense, then, that she would have a connection with baseball. What’s more American than that? Underwood’s decade’s long career has included singing the National Anthem out on the baseball diamond more than a couple of times. We thought you might like to take a trip down memory lane with us and go back to the time she sang for the 2006 All-Star Game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Sure, it was a long time ago, but those pipes take “The Star-Spangled Banner” to a new level.

Check out Underwood belting it out here: