Carrie Underwood’s ‘Cowboy Casanova’: Story Behind the Hit Song

by Emily Morgan

There’s no doubt Carrie Underwood can lasso the perfect tune about a rough and rugged cowboy. 

Carrie Underwood co-wrote one of her best-selling singles, “Cowboy Casanova” in 2009. The song became the fastest-climbing country single that year and was also Underwood’s eighth No. 1 hit. Underwood released the song as the lead single from her album, Play On, with Mike Elizondo and Brett James. In addition, the song is now certified double platinum.

Carrie Underwood Warns Women On ‘Cowboy Casanova’

In an interview with The Boot, Underwood and James discuss the concept behind creating the cowboy bop. 

“People are always asking about “Cowboy Casanova,” like, who’s that? And they try to make it about one specific guy in particular. But “country music” and “cowboy” are part of my vocabulary, so I’m not aiming that toward any particular football team or guy or anything! I sing country music, so I sing about cowboys,” the Grammy-winner said. 

Underwood continued, describing what she believed the term “cowboy” meant. “Cowboy Casanova” is about a type of guy, not about a cowboy. I think of cowboy as being quiet and strong and rugged and good looking, and having an inner confidence kind of thing. Not necessarily just boots and hat.”

“We started with a concept: How should we write about a ‘Cowboy Casanova?’ What’s the story we need to tell about this guy? And we decided that the way to tell it would be to warn women about him,” James added. 

Although, James discloses that the song is a cautionary tale for women who may have their eye on a certain wrangler-type. 

“Carrie also puts herself in the place of the woman who’s been burned by this guy, and she wants to warn other women about the evil of his ways,” James describes.

“I think to every woman, this song would be telling a story about someone they know or met or has tried to pick them up in a bar. There’s definitely guys in my past, even if it was a friend’s boyfriend or something,” Underwood added.