Carrie Underwood’s Husband Mike Fisher Reveals What She Wanted for Christmas

by Matthew Wilson

Mike Fisher has the perfect Christmas gift for Carrie Underwood. In a recent Instagram story, Fisher revealed that he bought Underwood – cows.

On his Instagram story, he took a snapshot of a black and a brown cow grazing grass beside each other. While some may think the present is random, Fisher revealed Underwood actually wanted cows for Christmas. The “My Gift” singer probably couldn’t be happier with her Christmas present.

Previously, Underwood revealed the family has spent a lot of time on their farm during the COVID-19 pandemic. During that spare time, Underwood started a garden and has been tending to the livestock. She even has her sons, Isaiah and Jacob, to help out on the farm.

“We have chickens, and they’ll go down and help us feed the chickens and collect the eggs,” she said. “We’ll go down and feed our horses and go fishing.”

Now, the Underwood family can add cows to that mix.

Carrie Underwood Married Mike Fisher in 2010

Underwood and Fisher have been married for a decade now. But they’ve faced their share of challenges over the years. Recently, the couple discussed a series of miscarriages Underwood experienced before Jacob was born. The miscarriages challenged their faith and strength.

“It sounds wrong when you say it,” Underwood said, opening up about the miscarriages. “It’s one of those bad things that happen to other people, you know what I mean. Like so many things in the world, it’s not something you envision yourself having to deal with.”

Fisher confessed that he grew angry with God after the tragic turn of events.

“You pray, and you pray, and you pray,” he said. “Sometimes, I think I’m guilty of expecting God to be a genie in a bottle. It’s not that. (You want to know) Why is this happening? You don’t know why and sometimes you’ll never figure out why.”

When the couple was ready to give up on having another child, Underwood learned she was pregnant with Jacob. Their second son was born in 2019.