Carrie Underwood’s Vocals on ‘Sunday Night Football’ Song Are Absolutely Flawless in New Teaser Video

by Shelby Scott

Lots of Americans mourn the arrival of September as it signifies summer’s end. Although, plenty of others are hyped heading into the second weekend of the month. This Sunday, September 12th signifies the official kickoff of NFL’s Sunday night football and sports fans cannot wait.

However, for country music fans across the nation, you may want to take a peek at NBC‘s Sunday Night Football new teaser as the post features the iconic songstress, Carrie Underwood. You know her, you love her. But you’ll worship her even more as she completely crushes the vocals in the Instagram clip.

If that didn’t just completely hype you up for the start of the new season, then I’m not sure what will. Because as Outsiders, we all know that anything featuring Queen Carrie Underwood herself is bound to be a hit.

If Carrie Underwood has you wanting more information for the NFL’s Sunday night football kickoff, look no further. This Sunday features a face-off between the Chicago Bears and the LA Rams, kicking off at 8:20 that night.

Carrie Underwood’s Son Makes His Sports Debut

While we know Carrie Underwood for the country mega-star that she is, her son Isaiah simply knows her as “Mom,” although this year, she’s taken on the title of “Baseball Mom.”

The country music superstar shared a collection of photos and a video on Instagram later last night as little Isaiah kicked off his first baseball season. In the clip, he’s seen at bat for the first time. Additionally, he sports the #10 and his dad’s last name on the back of his jersey.

Carrie sweetly captioned the Instagram post, “Isaiah made his baseball debut tonight! I got more nervous watching him than I used to get when I watched his daddy play hockey! #ProudMom #KidCanHit.”

Lots of us moms are crazy about our kids in some way. However, it’s nice to see such a normal side of the country music icon. And not that Carrie Underwood isn’t normal. It’s just difficult for Outsiders to picture her as anything other than country mega-star, Carrie Underwood, herself.

CMAs See Major Criticism Amidst Female Vocalist Nominations

While Carrie Underwood looks forward to her 9th feature on Sunday night’s football kickoff alongside becoming a baseball mom, the country artist recently saw a pretty major snub courtesy of the CMA.

According to Yahoo!Life, Carrie Underwood has seen nominations for Female Vocalist of the Year during the CMA Awards for the last 15 years. This year, the association did not award her a spot within the category at all. Instead, slots were filled by Gabby Barrett, Miranda Lambert, Ashley McBryde, Maren Morris, and Carly Pearce.

While Carrie Underwood hasn’t publicly spoken out about the lack of nomination yet, her fans have and they are absolutely fuming.

“Y’all do know @carrieunderwood is alive right?” commented one of the star’s loyal fans. “How can you nominate her for [Entertainer of the Year] and not Female Vocalist?” The fan has a valid point.

Additionally, others expressed their frustration through intense language, responding with comments like, “Where the f–k is @carrieunderwood.”

As the CMAs approach, she’s clearly thriving, although her fanbase wishes she was being shown even more recognition.