Chapel Hart Reflect on Their ‘America’s Got Talent’ Live Performance

by Clayton Edwards

Chapel Hart caught the eyes and ears of the world with their America’s Got Talent audition and set a high bar for themselves. Last night, the trio performed live for the AGT audience and raised the bar even higher. They brought the house down with the title track from their sophomore album The Girls Are Back in Town. Ending the number with an epic mic drop and another standing ovation from the crowd, the Mississippi-born trio exuded pure, uncut confidence.

Chapel Hart’s stage presence is unbelievable. The light show, choreography, and pyrotechnics were a nice touch. However, they could’ve crushed with just their voices and overwhelming energy. You would never know that each member of the trio was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs before stepping on the stage, but they were.

The ladies of Chapel Hart opened up about their America’s Got Talent liver performance in a post-show interview with People.

Chapel Hart Reflects on Performing Live on AGT

The trio was only one of 11 acts to take the stage last night to compete for a spot in the finale. Chapel Hart and the other acts are fighting for the $1 million prize and a chance to play AGT Live at the Luxor in Vegas. Having that much on the line with that kind of competition would be enough to rattle just about anyone. To make things even more nerve-racking, the trio performed last. However, if there’s any justice in the universe, the trio will need to get used to headlining packed shows.

Devynn Hart told People, “Our nerves were through the roof.” Her sister Danica chimed in as well. She added that all of the other performers “brought their A-game” and had Chapel Hart “shook.”

After watching the reaction from the judges and the crowd, it’s clear that Chapel Hart didn’t have anything to worry about. Howie Mandel said watching their AGT performance was “like watching a headline show,” and hit the nail on the head.

The Ultimate Validation

About the reaction, Trea Swindle said, “The fact that we stepped out from the first time, and sang songs that come from our hearts, things that we actually put to paper and to see being received that way, it’s like, maybe we’re not crazy. It’s the ultimate validation and those words we’ve been waiting years to hear. We didn’t hear it from just the judges, we didn’t hear it from just the audience. We heard it from the entire world.”

Danica Hart added, “To stand in front of America every week with them asking for more Chapel Hart makes my heart full. Our new fanbase is worldwide!”

Catch the AGT results show tonight on NBC to see if Chapel Hart made it to the finale.