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Charles Kelley of Lady A Updates Fans from the Hospital After Canceling Show Due To Appendicitis

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Charles Kelley of Lady A shared a selfie from his hospital bed and updated fans on the band’s plans for the future. Lady A had to cancel a show last weekend after Kelley needed emergency surgery for appendicitis. The band also has a major tour beginning at the end of the month.

Kelley posted to his personal Instagram a photo to share how upset he was to miss what would have been their first live show in 16 months.

“Hey guys — sitting here in the hospital and so bummed to have missed performing our first show back in Minnesota, not to mention in 16 months — that’s an understatement,” he wrote. “But the ol’ appendix had other plans. didn’t even know what an appendix was until Friday when it sent me to the ER. Love y’all and be back soon enough.”

Lady A was supposed to perform Saturday at the Lakefront Music Fest Saturday but had to cancel at the last minute after Kelley fell ill.

The band posted about the cancellation on Twitter.

“After such a long wait, there isn’t much that could keep us from our fans. Unfortunately, Charles has appendicitis, so we’re sorry to say we won’t be with you in Minnesota and Lakefront Music Fest tonight. This morning, Charles is in good hands and we’re continuing to pray for his recovery. The minute he is cleared by his doctors, we will be back on the road to see y’all. We appreciate your understanding.”

Recovery time from appendicitis varies greatly. According to KaiserPermanente, it can take one to four weeks to heal from it.

Lady A Tour Set to Begin Later This Month

Like every major touring act, COVID-19 sidelined Lady A for more than a year. However, as music venues re-open, the band’s planned 34-date tour is scheduled to begin July 29 in Uncasville, Conn. It’s unclear if Kelley’s illness — or the recent rise in new coronavirus cases — will affect the band’s plans.

The full tour schedule is on the band’s website. The band also released a 7-song album last month that they’ve not been able to perform live yet.

Charles Kelley told Country Now when the tour was announced that not performing has been incredibly difficult for Lady A. He said the band misses its fans, but he planned to “soak up” those special moments on stage.

“We are gonna soak up these moments on stage more than we ever have before. It’s gonna be hard to wipe the smiles off our faces and I’m sure the tears off of Hillary’s. We were lucky enough to still release new music this past year but there are songs like ‘Champagne Night’ and ‘What If I Never Get Over You’ that we haven’t been able to play live much so we know those will make for some really special moments.”