Charley Pride Featured on Jimmie Allen, Darius Rucker Song in One of Last Recordings

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Country music legend Charley Pride died on Saturday. He left behind a legacy of hit records and broken barriers. Though he was getting up there in years, Pride was still recording and performing. His final recording was a track called “Why Things Happen” with Jimmie Allen and Darius Rucker.

‘Why Things Happen’ Made More Poignant by Death of Charley Pride

Just last month, Charley Pride performed live at the CMA Awards. Garth Brooks’ latest album also features a track with Pride. For all the world, it seemed like the 86-year-old country music legend was set to step back into the spotlight.

His final recording “Why Things Happen” is a song that deals with someone expectedly dying. The fact that it was the last song on which Pride sang gives the song a little more weight.

According to Taste of Country, Allen wrote the song after the unexpected death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna back in January of this year.

Rucker and Pride share the first verse of the song. In the opening lines, Rucker sings about not knowing when “Your last breath will fade like a July Sunset,” or when, tragedy will strike and hold you still while the whole world just keeps moving. Then, Pride comes in before the chorus. Charley Pride sings, “It’s hard not to question circumstances that leave you with nothin’ to say. Is there some kind of message? Some kind of lesson? Damn, life’s hard to explain.” You can say that again, Charley.

CMA Awards Speculation Regarding Pride’s Death

The country music community has taken the loss of Charley Pride hard. Both fans and performers are mourning the death of the legend. Many, including Maren Morris, are wondering if Pride’s final performance at the CMA Awards is to blame.

The Country Music Association and the representatives of Charley Pride released a statement shortly after the country legend’s death. In the statement, they point out that organizers of the awards show had taken all appropriate precautions. Also, they point out that Pride tested negative for the virus several times. He was reportedly tested before flying to Nashville, after landing, before performing, before leaving, and several times after returning to his home state of Texas.

At the end of the day, we’ll probably never know where or how Pride caught the virus that took his life. We do, however, know that he is one more name on the list of greats that have left the world this year.