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Charlie Daniels Band Estate Shares Warning About Taking Advice from ‘Unreliable Sources’

by Evan Reier
(Photo by J. Kempin/Getty Images)

The Charlie Daniels Band released a quote to their fans on Saturday. The lyrics and songwriting of the CDB will forever be a touchstone, but the estate is also highlighting Charlie Daniels’ book writing after his death.

In a recent Instagram post, the band announced that ‘Let’s All Make The Day Count’ is now available in its third printing. Further, the band posts a quote from the late country legend.

“Advice is readily available especially from unreliable sources. Be careful whose counsel you subject your thinking to. Let’s all make the day count.”

There is an interesting point to the quote. In the age of social media, there is no shortage of advice, direction, and thoughts. With an infinite amount of posts and comments, it can be difficult to parse what advice is worth taking and what isn’t.

Charlie Daniels Band Releasing Commemorative Fiddle

CDB has released a handful of different items to honor the deceased legend. One is a Limited Edition “Life Fiddle.”

Besides being a gorgeous fiddle, it includes signatures from the legend’s son and widow, as well as a “replica signature.”

“To commemorate the life and career of Charlie,” the post begins. “We’re announcing the Limited Edition Charlie Daniels Life Fiddle. Laser engraved, replica signature and personally signed by Charlie’s son & widow and packed with extras including an autographed book of Charlie’s soapboxes, a bandana used on stage by Charlie, a print of a stunning portrait of Charlie and much MUCH more. Only 70 made.”

For anyone who is a longtime fan of the fiddling legend, the instrument is a monumental gift. Considering it also comes with a portrait, bandana, and book of soapboxes, it is a fully comprehensive package.