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Charlie Daniels Band Mourns Death of Country Star Hal Ketchum

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Richard Gabriel Ford/Getty Images)

Country music fans all over the world are mourning the passing of Hal Ketchum. The family of country legend Charlie Daniels is no exception. They took to their Twitter earlier today to send along their condolences and prayers to Ketchum’s family. In the tweet, they included a video of Charlie Daniels, Ketchum, and John Berry collaborating on a rendition of “Long Haired Country Boy”.

Long Haired Country Boy

In 1997, The Charlie Daniels Band teamed up with John Berry and Hal Ketchum to rerecord the hit song “Long Haired Country Boy”. The resulting rendition was more in line with what was popular was on the radio at the time. It was country music with a rock and roll edge that still carried the spirit of the original tune.

John Berry took to his Facebook page to mourn the passing of Ketchum and reminisce about his time spent with Daniels and Ketchum while recording the video for the remake of Long Haired Country Boy. He remembered not only Ketchum’s vocal prowess but also how fun he was to be around. “If you watch the video and you think we must have had a lot of fun you’d be correct,” he said, adding that that day would always be a fond memory.

A Hard Year for Country Music Fans

It’s no secret that this year has been a rough one for many people. Country music fans aren’t exempt from that. This year has seen several legends and notable figures from the genre passing away. The list includes John Prine, Kenny Rogers, Joe Diffie, and fiddle playing legend Charlie Daniels.

The death of Hal Ketchum adds another name to the list of country music hit-makers who have left this world this year.

Keeping Charlie Daniels’ Legacy Alive

Since the death of Charlie Daniels in July, his family has taken over his Twitter. Many of their posts are related to current events and how they believe the late country legend would react to them. They also regularly tweet out videos of classic performances.