Charlie Daniels Band Reveals ‘One of the Few Great Things About 2020’

by Charles Craighill

Earlier today, the Charlie Daniels estate posted a breathtaking picture of the sky in Tennessee to Twitter. The sun beautifully reflected off the clouds, and on the horizon, the sky hinted at changing colors. As the tweet reads, the beautiful skies are “one of the few great things about 2020.”

The late Charlie Daniels’ Twitter account is now run by ‘his estate’. Their mission is “keeping his legacy alive” since his passing in July of this year. While much of the posting on his page revolves around his merchandising and legacy, they occasionally take time to share some southern beauties.

“Here’s been one of the few great things about 2020,” the quote reads. “The breathtaking skies in the ‘Tennessee Midlands.'”

Charlie Daniels was one of the most influential bluegrass and southern rockers of his time. He played and released music with his band, The Charlie Daniels Band, from the 1950s until his death this year. His most popular song is likely “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” but it is by no means his only hit. He continues to influence bluegrass and country music today.

Charlie Daniels Tribute at the CMAs

At the CMA Awards this year, Jason Aldean led a rocking tribute to the late great Charlie Daniels. He performed Daniels’ hit song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” for the opening performance. Alongside Aldean, country stars including Dierks Bently, the Brothers Osborne, and Ashley McBryde joined the tribute.

“We are honored, in this very challenging time,” said Robert Deaton about the opening performance. “To help provide an escape and deliver live awards show experience unlike any other this year”. Deaton is the Executive Producer of the CMA Awards.

Clearly, the Daniels estate isn’t the only one focused on “keeping his legacy alive.” Jason Aldean and those who joined him proved that at the 2020 CMA Awards.