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Charlie Daniels’ ‘Grave Marker’ Defiled: ‘This Is Not OK’

by Jacklyn Krol
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Charlie Daniels‘ grave has been violated.

On Thursday, December 23, Daniels’ team updated fans and revealed the unacceptable act. On what appears to be his gravestone in the photo, a “United States Uniformed Services” card belonging to a woman was glued onto his grave marker. It said that it expired on May 29 of 2020 and had an SPCO and E8 paygrade. Finally, these cards are used for identifying military members and their families. Daniels’ team blurred the sensitive information.

“In what world is it acceptable to glue something to someone’s grave marker? This is not OK and whoever did it should be ashamed of themselves. – TeamCDB *NOTE* this is Charlie’s grave marker, otherwise we would not be making a big deal about,” they wrote in the caption.

In addition, it is unclear why this person would do such a thing and what relation, if any, she has to Charlie Daniels. Over the years, Daniels was a huge supporter of the United States armed forces.

Furthermore, fans were outraged by the act, and rightfully so, tarnishing a grave is no joking manner. Some chose to believe the best in people.

“I have the feeling that the person on the ID card had nothing to do with this,” one fan wrote. Others noted that it could have been lost or stolen and stated that the information is privileged. Another asked if anyone has looked her up on social media to find out if her card was lost or stolen.

Not enough context to make any assumptions,” one follower added. “The military would probably like that ID back! And the holder will pay,” another added.

Charlie Daniels and His Legacy

Charlie Daniels‘ team is honoring his memory by continuing his charitable work. They had his third Nashville benefit to The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project. The Charlie Daniels Patriot Awards Dinner raised over $250,000 to his cause. This was the biggest fundraiser to date.

Firstly, this past awards dinner, Daniels’ longtime manager and close friend David Corlew spoke about life without the country icon. Secondly, he also spoke about how the Journey Home Project still honors him even after he has passed. Fox News noted that the project aims to assist veterans in their transition back to civilian lifestyles. They also want to immortalize Daniels and his philanthropic work. Furthermore, Corlew said that he is honored to be tasked with such a big challenge.

“I know that he was very proud of and very appreciative of the work that we were doing,” he said. “So knowing that I’m kind of carrying the flame” leaves Corlew with a great responsibility in Daniels’ wake.

“Obviously we can never replace Charlie but what we can do is continue to carry that spirit and the things that he wanted to accomplish,” he continued.

Finally, Corlew left attendees with this sentiment, “In his heart, [Charlie] just loved the veterans, he loved playing for them. He loved raising money for them and he loved spending time with them.”