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Charlie Daniels’ Son Pens Heartfelt Essay in Honor of Late Country Icon’s 84th Birthday

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

Charlie Daniels’ son wrote a heartfelt letter in honor of his late father. For the first time, Daniels won’t be here to celebrate his birthday. The music icon would have turned 84 on Oct. 28. But he passed away in July following a stroke.

“This is the first of the “Sadiversaries” that I wrote about recently. But it seemed so much further off when I wrote about them, now It’s almost here,” Charlie Daniels Jr. wrote in an essay. “This will be difficult, there were plenty of times when dad wasn’t home for his birthday, but I don’t ever remember not speaking to him and wishing him a Happy Birthday, so it’s going to be rough.”

Daniels Jr. said he’s concerned for his mother Hazel during this time. He said she spent every birthday with his father, and the two even toured together since 1983. Daniels Jr. asked for prayers for her. While most of Daniels’ birthdays were “low-key” affairs, his son said a few stood out in his memory.

Charlie Daniels’ Son Remembers Various Birthdays Together

For Daniels’ 60th, his son presented him with an Elvis Presley gold record.

“I researched it, and found out that the song that dad had co-written that was recorded by Elvis Presley called “It Hurts Me” was on a greatest hits collection, Elvis’ Gold Records Volume 4, that had itself gone gold,” Daniels Jr. recalled. “So we were able to present him with an Elvis Presley gold record for his 60th. I was very happy we were able to get that for him.”

Daniels Jr. also remembered spending time with his father prior to his 70th birthday. The family traveled to Hong Kong where they had dinner on a floating restaurant in the harbor. They listened as two local musicians played a rendition of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

“Dad was highly surprised and amused,” Daniels Jr. wrote. He revealed he kept the 70 candles from his father’s birthday. “They played an encore of it for us later. And dad was so intrigued, he actually bought an erhu while we were still in Hong Kong. I don’t think he ever learned to play it.”

For His 80th Birthday, the Musician Held a Two Month Celebration

For Daniels’ 80th birthday, the musician held a two-month celebration. Multiple musicians made appearances such as 3 Doors Down, Luke Bryan, and Chris Stapleton. The day after his birthday, they held a party at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

“Dad had just been formally inducted into the Hall of Fame about two weeks earlier. So it was the perfect place to have the party which included two cakes in the shape of guitars. And one in the shape of a fiddle, and lots of guests,” Daniels Jr. wrote. “I was thrilled to be able to unveil something that I had been working on for a few months, off and on. It was a video of different TV, movie, and commercial appearances of dad, the band, or CDB songs, including, of course, ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia.'”

Daniels Jr. said his father had so much energy that he could already envision celebrating his father’s 90th birthday together.

“Happy heavenly Birthday, dad,” he wrote in closing. “You are missed every day, and I thank you for everything you did to take care of mom and I for over 55 years. I love you.”