Chase Rice Joins Denny Hamlin in List of Stars Who Have Publicly Shamed Uber

by Josh Lanier

Chase Rice slammed an Uber driver who canceled a ride recently. The country star said he was trying to visit his nephew when a driver called off the trip without warning.

Rice is the second celebrity in as many weeks to put Uber on blast over bad service. NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin did it as well with a Miami driver he said was rude.

Yeah, come on, Dave!

Oddly enough, Uber was a Chase Rice sponsor, or at least a partner, at one point. In 2015, Uber riders could earn points for each ride to increase their chances to win tickets to see him in Raleigh.

Denny Hamlin Slams Uber Driver in Miami

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin received immense backlash from fans after he slammed his Uber driver recently. But Hamlin went a step further and posted the man’s name, photo, and personal information in the tweet.

Fans took exception to Hamlin posting the man’s photo and information to his account with more than 750,000 followers.

“I think the DBag is the multi-millionaire race car driver publicly shaming the Uber driver on Twitter as opposed to using Uber’s own feedback system. Feeling a bit entitled today Denny?” one person posted. The NASCAR driver actually responded to this tweet. He called the driver disrespectful, writing, “This is reverse entitlement. I wasn’t the one who was disrespectful.”

Others felt the same way, but were more tactful with Hamlin.

“Unless he did something extremely egregious, there is a better way to handle this privately,” someone else posted. “I doubt you care, but you probably just cost this guy his job. I hope whatever he did to you rose to the level of him needing to be terminated, otherwise, this is just mean-spirited.”

What caused the altercation between the drivers wasn’t released. But Alejandro, the Uber driver, had a nearly 5-star rating after six years, meaning he doesn’t have a history poor giving poor service. People were quick to call Hamlin a “Karen,” or someone with privilege looking to speak to a manager for a perceived slight.

Hamlin, though, will be fine. He’s a three-time Daytona 500 winner with a heavily successful racing career.