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Chase Rice Links Up With Tim Tebow and Bill Dance for Star-Studded Photo

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/Getty Images)

Recently, Chase Rice posted a picture on Instagram that is the culmination of so much southern goodness, we had to share it. A college football legend, a fishing guru, and a country music singer all got together for a sweet photo.

Now, college football season is underway. That means a lot of tension in the south right now. It seems that Tim Tebow, Bill Dance, and Rice were able to put their affiliations aside for a while. At least long enough to snap a pic together. Check it out below.

“A Gator, a Vol, and the Tarheel all walk into a bar..what happens? Timmy and I hanging out with a legend,” the caption read on the post. This time of year, you never know who is going to be at the tailgate. It looks like the FOX Big Noon Kickoff bus is in the background of the picture. So, were these SEC guys at a Big 10 game? There’s no telling. But, we are glad to see this great photo.

For Chase Rice, college football is in his DNA. He played for Butch Davis at UNC. He was a real Tarheel, not just a fan. As a former linebacker, he almost pursued a professional career in football. He even sat down and talked with Outsider’s own Marty Smith about his time as a student-athlete.

Chase Rice Talks About Former Coach Butch Davis

During his time as a Tarheel, Chase Rice wasn’t always coached by Butch Davis. However, during his time there a big coaching change happened. Chuck Pagano and Davis took over as defensive coordinator and head coach respectively. That was in Rice’s junior year.

As he puts it, things got a lot better after the coaching change. “We went from a very, very bad football team. With the same players, the next year, we went to a promising football team. Then, a good football team the next year,” the country singer says. He credits Davis with that success.

“It was just the command… He, to me, is an unbelievable coach. … He makes you want to play football. As opposed to ‘Dear God, I want this season to be over,’ he makes you want to play. You know there’s hope. You know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Words from a former player himself. That’s high praise for his former college football coach. Coach Davis is a big reason why the Tarheel football program has been able to maintain a certain level of success in the last decade or so. Chase Rice thinks fondly of his former coach, even today. That speaks to the impact he made on the program and on his players.