Chase Rice Introduces Fans to New Puppy ‘Jack’ With Incredibly Adorable Pics: ‘Best Days of My Entire Life’

by Will Shepard

Puppies are a lot of work. But, far more importantly, they are so much fun. The country music superstar, Chase Rice, is taking on the life of a puppy.

Two days ago, on May 18, he posted a pair of pictures to his social media page about the puppy. He wanted to let his fans know that he had brought in a new addition to his life.

And, boy, oh boy, is this puppy cute. It’s really hard not to love puppies, especially Labrador Retriever puppies. Chase Rice posted two pictures of his new black lab puppy. He said, “One of the best days of my entire life, y’all meet Jack.”

The pictures alone are cute enough to melt your heart. Certainly, Chase Rice will be in for an awesome time with his puppy by his side. He has also been known to go hunting, so maybe Jack will fetch waterfowl for him in the future. Whether or not his pup will be a hunting dog is beside the point. The country music star is just happy to have him thus far.

Chase Rice Is Also the Dad to Another Animal, but This One Is Far Bigger

Chase Rice is the proud owner of his puppy, but he has another animal he care for as well. He is the owner of a Bison. Yes, one of the fully-grown animals that used to roam the prairies in the West.

But, it appears he owns more than just a single Bison. According to the country star, he bought ten bison near the beginning of quarantine. Talking about his purchase, “I just pray that there’s not another pandemic.” He laughed and continued, “I don’t know what I’ll come up with next!”

Roughly a month ago, in mid-April, the country music star posted a couple of incredible pictures of the massive animals. The 35-year-old Florida native proudly showed off that he is a #BisonDad. In the series of photos, there were a couple that showed off how he and his buddies were wrangling the animals.

During the photoshoot with the big bison, he showed how they were transported. While it may seem inhumane to some, the animal stood with its head poking out of the back of the trailer. This, as any ranch hand will know is the best way to transport bill animals, such as bulls.

Nonetheless, Chase Rice’s animal looked as awesome as possible in the photos. On the Instagram post, he said, “Worked my bison for the first time ever today. Holy sh-t, what an experience. These things are beasts! Back to songwriting tomorrow but today was pretty awesome.”

While his new black lab might not be as much work as the bison, it will certainly love him a lot more. Now, for all we know, he might cultivate a really cool bond with his bison, but who knows?