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Chase Rice Posts Amazing Shots Working with His Bison ‘For the First Time Ever’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/ Getty Images)

Chase Rice is putting a whole new meaning on eat, pray, love, with his new hobbies including eat, music, bison farming.

Yeah, we thought it was odd as well.

Chase Rice is a Proud #BisonDad

However, Chase Rice posted a series of beautiful photos that feature his new massive pets. The 35-year-old Florida native showed that as a new #BisonDad, he is learning the ropes of the business.

One big ole fuzzy bison stole the show with a few glamor shots. It’s not like the animal had much of a choice on the matter. It stood in the back of a trailer that only allowed his head to stick out.

I’m no bison expert, but I assume you keep the animal’s head out of the trailer, so his massive horns don’t get stuck on anything and hurt the animal. Again, that is our assumption.

Chase Rice captions the Instagram post about his experience with the beasts as well as his plans for the rest of the week.

“Worked my bison for the first time ever today. Holy sh-t, what an experience. These things are beasts! Back to songwriting tomorrow but today was pretty awesome🤘🏼🤯.”

Quarantine, Man.

According to a Southern Living article from February, the country artist revealed that while we were all learning how to make banana bread during quarantine, Chase Rice had his eye on an addition to his Tennessee home. Rice bought ten bison, as if they were small things, like a plant.

“I just pray that there’s not another pandemic,” laughs Rice. “I don’t know what I’ll come up with next!”

Since he has already renovated the inside of his Nashville-area house to make it feel homier, Rice said that the property was still missing something. Hence the bison.

Oddly enough, Chase Rice reveals that he got the idea to start farming the massive animals from his preacher.

Such a strange place to get bison farming advice. Do you think it was more of a prophecy because our preacher just tells me to be a good person and say ten Hail Mary’s?

However, his new fathering adventures have seemed to be going great, with Chase Rice doubling his herd, making the total number to 20, thousand-pound bison.

“I’ve always thought bison are cool,” Rice explains. “They’re about as American you can get.”

He isn’t wrong. Early in the days of the United States, bison dominated the land with droves in the millions.

However, due to slaughter and commercial hunting, the number neared complete extinction by the late 1800s.

Today, it is estimated that there are around 31,000 bison in North America. Most reside in national parks. And now Chase Rice’s Tennessee home.