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Chase Rice Posts Photo with Buck, Reveals He May Drop New Single Soon

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/Getty Images)

Chase Rice has had a busy week. From MMA fighters to wildlife, Rice is sharing it all on social media.

The country artist didn’t fare too well when he took on former Mixed Martial Arts fighter Chuck Lidell. However, it did look like he did a little bit better in his latest post on Instagram. Rice is showing off a buck at the E3 Ranch. Since he declares that he’s having such a good week, Rice teases that he might drop new music.

The caption reads, “Buck down, freezer more full. Awesome time at the @e3ranchks. May drop a new single next few days or so too. Damn good week🤘🏼”

The E3 brand is pretty popular among country music artists, and the ranch is headquartered in Fort Scott, Kansas. Additionally, there’s E3 Chophouse which is an extension of the family-owned E3 Ranch. There are two chophouse locations and one is located in Nashville. It’s actually owned in part by the families of Adam LaRoche, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan.

Through their common interest in Buck Commander, which is filmed at E3 Ranch, the team became friends and ultimately shared meals at E3 Chophouse in Steamboat Springs. This led to discussions about – and ultimately plans for – an E3 Chophouse in Nashville.

Chase Rice Hit Headlines Recently

Rice hasn’t released new music since May 2020. He dropped The Album Part II, which is the four-song project that followed January’s surprise release of The Album Part I.

The 35-year old’s been outspoken about the pandemic and that halt that it’s brought on live performances. Earlier this year he held a concert that sparked some controversy. Rice’s crowd was not social distancing or wearing face masks.

He’s also shared on social media his feelings about large crowds gathering around the presidential election. Rice’s made mention that “live concerts can resume.

Then earlier this week he’s been sharing how he would bring back concerts during the pandemic. His idea would be to offer two sections for audiences at his concerts. One section would support those who want to social distance. The other would allow people to be in close proximity to each other and “go nuts.”

“There’s a way to do things that allow us to live our lives and do it safely,” Rice told CMT. “At concerts, you can have a section for the people who want to crowd the stage and go nuts and pretend like nothing’s going wrong in the world. Then you can have another section where people want to be distanced and still enjoy the show.”

Rice continued, explaining it’s up to individuals to decide if they want to practice safety or risk exposure to the virus at a concert.

As of right now, Rice has been holding virtual concerts at his farm.