Chase Rice Speaks Out about the 2020 Concert That Got Him in ‘Trouble’ on the Internet

by Clayton Edwards

Last year, Chase Rice drew the ire of the country music world when he played a show during the pandemic. He played to a large crowd at the historic Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros, Tennessee. In his recent appearance on The Marty Smith Podcast, Rice spoke about that concert and what he learned from the pandemic.

Chase Rice said that when he came to Nashville he was nowhere near good enough to be successful. However, his earlier partnership with Florida Georgia Line brought him success. That helped him get on the radio. More importantly, it put him on the road in front of thousands of fans. When the pandemic struck last year, he lost the ability to go on the road.

Chase Rice Reflects on His June 2020 Concert

It was as if someone pulled the rug out from under him. He told Marty Smith that the realization hit him hard. “Wait. I can’t tour anymore? That’s what I do.” Then, Chase Rice opened up about the concert that sparked outrage across the internet.

“Then I was mad. I got in a bunch of trouble for doing a show. That pissed me off. I wasn’t making money off of that. I was just trying to keep my band employed. That’s the only reason I was trying to do shows.” Looking back, Chase Rice understands some of the anger online. “It was too early, for sure. Looking back now, it’s like, ‘Okay, I probably shouldn’t have done that.’”

Chase Rice told Marty Smith that he learned some lessons from the show. “I learned, first of all, that a lot of people have opinions. What’s funny is there was a ton of support, actually. It was very down the middle. It was either ‘You’re the worst person ever, you should die.’ Or ‘You’re the man, I love you,’”

Rice Used the Pandemic to Grow

Chase Rice said that being forced to stay at home was one of the best things that could have happened to him as an artist and as a person. About that, he said, “I was forced to step back and live a regular life. Not regular, nothing was regular about last year. But, I was not on the road, I was not living the life that I learned the last eight years. I was just livin’.”

Following his success with FGL, Chase Rice said he learned a lot from Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard. However, what he learned didn’t match with who he is as a person or as an artist. However, the pandemic allowed him to step away from that and follow what he really wanted to do in the first place. Now, Rice plans to write and perform songs about real life as opposed to songs about backroads, beer, girls, and trucks.

You can see the full episode on YouTube or listen to it wherever you stream podcasts.