Check out this BTS Video from Eric Church’s ‘Gather Again’ Tour

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for America Salutes You

Country music star Eric Church is well underway with his “Gather Again Tour.” And to everyone’s pleasure, he put out a video on Thursday that shows his crew working behind the scenes.

As you probably know by now, Eric Church and his entire entourage are making their way around the country as part of the “Gather Again” Tour. When it’s all said and done, they will have performed 56 concerts throughout both the U.S. and Canada. He just got done at Grand Forks and Winnipeg. Next up is the state of Pennsylvania.

“We’re having so much fun so far on the #GatherAgainTour,” Church captioned his video on Twitter. “Working hard and playing just a little bit harder. Thank you Grand Forks and Winnipeg! Pennsylvania… you’re next! Get tickets now at”

Country music fans in the state of Pennsylvania definitely seem like they are ready for Eric Church to come through. That’s evident by scrolling through some of his mentions on Twitter.

“See you Friday in Pittsburgh!” one person wrote. “Can’t wait!”

“Can’t wait for Saturday night in Philly!” another follower said.

Eric Church ‘Gather Again’ Tour Kicked Off in September

It’s been a long time coming for country music fans, but Eric Church and the “Gather Again” Tour are officially on the road. He previously shared how this tour and this setlist is the hardest thing he’s done during his incredible career.

“The hardest thing I’ve done this far in my career is this setlist,” he said. “It’s not a normal record; it’s three. So, you add 28 songs to what we already had going, which is a pretty stacked and packed setlist, and when you start to try to get rid of stuff and change it every night — which I’m committed to; we’re still going to play the different set, we’re going to give people different experiences — it has been maddening.”

Part of what makes this new tour so highly anticipated is the fact that Eric Church and his crew will be reimagining some of their old songs.

“It’s the most musical we’ve ever been,” he continued. “To see the way the new music happens in the show is something that I’m excited just to see and, also, we’re trying to reimagine songs that we’ve played 100 times, playing them differently, and that’s just fun. It’s fun for us to do.”

So, if you end up going to an Eric Church concert here soon, you may not recognize some of the songs at first. But don’t fret — when the chorus rolls around it’ll all come back to you.

“There’s going to be a lot of songs that fans aren’t gonna recognize at first, that we’re gonna start singing and they’re going to go, ‘oh yeah, that’s that song.’ So, I think it’s just fun after this many years to change it up and make it about music; make it musical. I’m just excited to see the reaction.”