Chris Janson Shows Off His Son Jesse’s Massive Turkey From Latest Hunt: ‘Stacking Them Up Before Dad’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

It looks like Chris Janson has some competition this spring! Recently, the country music star took to Twitter for some well-deserved bragging about his son, Jesse. Even though Jesse seems to be blowing his father out of the water this hunting season. The April 5 Twitter post features Chris Janson and his son, Jesse, posing next to quite the awesome trophy.

“My main man Jesse stacking them up before dad!” Chris Janson exclaims in his recent tweet.

“Woo!” the country singer adds. “Congrats Jesse!”

The massive turkey is an impressive size, for sure. In fact, as Jesse sits on the fence as his dad lifts the catch up for the camera, it appears the turkey is near the size of the boy! Hopefully, Chris Janson can catch up through the rest of the season. However, if he can’t, I’m sure Jesse has it all handled.

Chris Janson And Eric Church Collaborate After A Chance Encounter at the CMA’s…and A Day of Fishing

During a performance at the 2021 CMA awards, Chris Janson found himself standing next to country music star Eric Church. The two struck up a conversation…which led to fishing…and then later to an unforgettable collaboration.

“We’re backstage standing there, and me and Eric started striking up a conversation,” Chris Janson remembers of when he and Eric Church connected at the awards show.

“He was like, ‘Man we need to get together sometime. Let’s go fishing,'” the singer continues. “I’m thinking, ‘Hell yeah, that’d be awesome.’”

But, we all know sometimes these connections don’t always pan out. We’ve likely all done this in one way or another; make plans in all of the excitement, but never really follow through. However, this was not the case when it came to Church touching base with Janson. It would be about a week later when Janson received a message from Church inviting the singer to join him for a day on the water.

“We just fished like buddies would,” Janson remembers.

“We got to know each other,” the singer continues.

“Had great talks, he adds.

“And I’ll tell ya, I gotta tip my hat to him, man,” continues Janson of Church “He has become a great mentor and friend of mine, and a great advocate in my corner, giving me great advice.”

Not long after this, Eric Church once again touched base with Janson. This time, however, the message wasn’t an invitation, but a song.

“I’m thinking, ‘… Interesting. Is he pitching me this?” Janson recalls.

“He knows I write my own songs,” the singer adds. “I don’t know what to say.’” However, Church was just looking for Janson’s thoughts. He wanted to know if the song was too dark. Which, it wasn’t, Janson says.

“I say, ‘I love it. Hey, why don’t we do a duet?’” Janson remembers. “I just threw it out there. If you don’t dream big, how could you ever win big, right?” And, boy did Janson win big. Eventually, the two country singers released the hit titled You, Me & the River.