Chris Stapleton & Carlos Santana Are Bona Fide Guitar Gods in New Collab ‘Joy’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)

Chris Stapleton has established his stardom in the world of country music through his baritone vocals and his instrumental prowess. That’s not to mention his talent as a songwriter. Now the iconic country artist has teamed up with guitarist Carlos Santana for their song, “Joy.” The uplifting tune demonstrates both Stapleton’s and Santana’s status as bona fide guitar gods.

During his career, Chris Stapleton has paired up with a vast collection of diverse music artists and singers. However, his latest collaboration with Carlos Santana proves the emotionally melodic power of both his voice and instrumentals. Rolling Stone states “Joy” features a “characteristically sublime solo from Santana.” Meanwhile, the length of the tune sees Stapleton handling much of the song’s vocals, featuring prominently with the following lines.

“Joy, rolling like the thunder rumbles/Time to let the teardrops tumble/Listen to the hatred crumble/Now that I have joy.”

However, listeners become immediately hooked by the song’s introductory Latin influence. The tune then quickly switches to a reggae beat, Stapleton opening with the line, “Something on the inside/coming on strong.”

All the while, the reggae rhythm carries through, while the electric guitar remains forefront during musical interludes. Overall, the mesh of the Latin influences alongside elements of country, gospel, reggae, and bluegrass combine to debut an uplifting, rhythmic tune. Following the album’s debut on October 15th, we hope to hear the song on the airwaves very soon.

Carlos Santana Praises Chris Stapleton’s Musical Prowess

Chris Stapleton and Carlos Santana’s collaboration is definitely worth taking a listen to. If you’re interested, you can check out the new tune here. Let us know what you think.

However, as music industry professionals have highlighted in the past, Santana spoke graciously of his experience working with the country star. During a previous statement, the guitarist said, “I was very intrigued to work with Chris.” He further shared how he had spoken with Stapleton about the ongoing COVID situation and the fear that has stricken populations as a result.

He shared with the artist, “We need to create music as a healing force.” Santana added his mention of “flying on the wings of angels,” contributing that particular line to the song. “[W]hat an incredible song it is,” the guitarist concluded.

Meanwhile, Chris Stapleton continues to see success with his latest track, “You Should Probably Leave.” So much so, he performed the new hit song on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon. Yes, with Jimmy Fallon. During the show’s segment, Fallon shared a conversation he had with the country star the night before.

Apparently, Chris Stapleton’s guitarist for the national performance caught an earache and he needed to find a replacement fast. “Say no more,” said the TV personality, who really did wind up performing the piece along with the country star.

All in all, Fallon’s part went over well and Chris Stapleton fans caught a live rendition of the encapsulating song.

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