Chris Stapleton Considering a Christmas Album after Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Joke Preview

by Will Shepard

Fans are calling on Chris Stapleton to make a real Christmas album. After Stapleton debuted a fake COVID-19 Christmas album on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, people actually want it.

While on the show, Stapleton debuted some incredible songs poking fun at the current pandemic. In truth, the reception of the debut was overwhelmingly positive. Additionally, people are begging for it to become reality.

In an interview with Country Now, Stapelton talks about the demand for the real album. “You’re not the first person that has requested this. I think we’re gonna have to have a team of people investigating whether or not we should be making this record.”

Stapleton laughs about the thought of doing this, but does in fact like the idea.

New Stapleton Comedy Album

Stapleton’s appearance on Kimmel was mostly to promote his then-upcoming album, Starting Over. This project came out on November 13. Almost instantly, “Starting Over” began taking off and the title track “Starting Over” has over 22 million plays on Spotify alone.

The album is doing increasingly well every day. One song, in particular, is a tribute to his dog who passed away. This track is called “Maggie’s Song.”

While giving the interview, Stapleton talks about how across his musical work there is comedy. He adds that all you have to do is look a little bit harder into the music. “I mean, you can find plenty of silliness that I’ve participated in if you wanna dig a little bit.”

Additionally, he says that while he was working on the sketch for the show, the writers were awesome in helping him create the project.

Additionally, to watch Stapleton sing some of those joke songs, watch the video below.

All in all, there probably aren’t too many people who wouldn’t enjoy singing along to Stapleton sing about COVID-19.

Perhaps there is something brewing in the future here, but only time will tell. However, while fans wait for the comedy album to be turned into a real album, “Starting Over” is streaming now.