Chris Stapleton Is Doing a Duet With Adele on Her ’30’ Album

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

At this point, it’s not fair to call Chris Stapleton a country singer. He’s one of the most powerful vocalists in any genre today. The country music world is just blessed in that it’s where Stapleton calls home. However, in a world where several mainstream country singers are concerned with telling the world how “country” they are, Stapleton does the opposite. We’ve seen him cover Metallica and team up with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morrello this fall. Before that, he joined Carlos Santana for a track. Heck, a duet with Justin Timberlake put the world’s eyes on him. Now, he’s teaming up with pop songstress Adele for a brand new duet.

Adele recently released the tracklist for her upcoming album 30, out November 19th. The Target exclusive pressing of the CD contains three bonus tracks. One of those bonus tracks is a song called “Easy on Me” featuring Chris Stapleton. Unfortunately, that duet isn’t available just yet. However, Adele’s solo version of the song is in its second week atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Check it out below.

The fact that Chris Stapleton is teaming up with Adele might surprise some fans of both artists. However, the duet becomes less surprising when you listen to the song. Just imagine how their voices will intertwine on the piano ballad and it all makes sense. It goes deeper than that though.

Adele Is a Chris Stapleton Fan

Let’s take it back a few years to Adele’s performance at the Royal Albert Hall. During that show, she covered “If It Hadn’t Been for Love” by the Steeldrivers. For those who somehow don’t know, Chris Stapleton sang for that band before he went solo. While introducing the cover, Adele said that she first heard the band about two years prior to the performance. About Stapleton, she said, “…I fell in love with him. His voice is like caramel, it’s lovely.”  

Last month, Adele sat down with Vogue to answer their 73 questions. It turned into 90+ questions because she was having such a good time. Near the end of the interview, they asked who her “dream duet” partner would be. Without missing a beat she said it was Chris Stapleton.

By then, the album was already in the bag. So, maybe Adele was just giving the world a cheeky hint about the upcoming bonus track. However, she was so candid in the rest of the interview that I believe she was being honest.

The fact is Chris Stapleton and Adele are two of the most talented vocalists in the game right now. So, hearing them together on a track will be a treat for fans of both artists. Likewise, it’s cool to see Stapleton doing what he wants without worrying about his image. Like the greats before him, it seems that Stapleton sings for the sake of the song with little care much else.