Chris Stapleton Has a Heartwarming Message to the Kids That Jammed Out During His Concert Last Night

by Jonathan Howard

Traveling across the country and playing shows almost every night is hard work. For Chris Stapleton, the fans make it all worth it. His recent show in Noblesville, Indiana was packed and looks like it was a good time. That venue in Noblesville is great when the weather is right and it was right last night.

As Stapleton and his band have traveled the country, he has shared plenty of pictures from shows. However, these new pictures are really great. It shows just how enthusiastic the crowd was to see the country star, including one little boy in the front row.

One child sat right in the front row and with two foam fingers in the air and screaming to Stapleton and we are living for it. Seriously, that kid is going to remember that concert for life. I went to my first concert at that same venue when I was just 12 years old and I’ll never forget it. Especially since it was Phish…yeah it was quite the show.

That venue looked great in the pics that he shared. Of course, he had to throw one up with him and his wife Morgane standing side by side on stage. The two of them are such a great fit and they perform so well together. It looks like everyone involved had a great time during this concert. Way to go to the parents of that kid. I bet he slept like a rock in the car on his way back home.

I bet he knew every song, too.

Chris Stapleton Gets Raw with ‘When I’m With You’ on CBS

Last week, the Stapletons made a special appearance on CBS Morning’s Saturday Sessions. The performance was absolutely spine-tingling. Seriously, his voice and the way they harmonize with each other is unmatched. His music is never overly produced and has a stripped-down sound when compared to other artists, but this was a different approach.

While this was not an “unplugged” performance, it still broke the song down to be about the voices. Instruments and rhythm are great, but the voice is an instrument too and should be celebrated. That’s what Chris Stapleton understands with his music. There is never going to be a song from him that relies too much on production.

A somber tune about love, the song comes straight out of a western story. The Kentucky-born artist is yet another in a long line of great singer-songwriters from the Bluegrass. At 43-years old, the Traveler has much more to give to the country music world.

He doesn’t show off as flashy, his long hair and beard darken his figure and make him mysterious. When he plays guitar he pays close attention to each note, almost making eye contact with the instrument. All the while, Morgane stares right into his soul from the corner of her eyes. Truly amazing.