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Chris Stapleton Jams with Jimmy Fallon with Rendition of ‘You Should Probably Leave’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for CMT)

 Jimmy Fallon is, apparently, a man of many talents. Most people know him as an actor, comedian, and talk show host. However, on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, he showed that he has some musical talent as well. Fallon took the stage alongside Chris Stapleton to perform, “You Should Probably Leave,” from Stapleton’s latest release Starting Over.

Before he took the stage, Jimmy Fallon set the scene for his audience. He said it was going to be an “interesting” performance. Then, he announced that Chris Stapleton was there to play “You Should Probably Leave.” That seems pretty standard, right? Then, Fallon reveals what makes the performance different. “I got a text last night from Chris saying that his guitarist, Dave Cobb, has an earache.” Cobb is fine. However, he couldn’t fly because of the earache. Fallon went on to say that Stapleton told him he needed someone to play guitar on the show. Jimmy Fallon said he replied with, “Say no more,” as he pulled a guitar from behind his desk.

Fallon went on, saying that Chris Stapleton did his best to teach him to play the song over FaceTime the night before. Check out their performance below.  

Jimmy Fallon put on a surprisingly good performance, especially considering he just learned the song the night before. Additionally, he and Chris Stapleton have some pretty good stage chemistry and play off of one another nicely. More importantly, if Fallon got lost in the song, no one would really know it. When he wasn’t holding down guitar duties for Stapleton, he was being a great hype man. All in all, Fallon looked like he had the time of his life and Stapleton sounded just as good as he usually does.

A Closer Look at Chris Stapleton’s “You Should Probably Leave”

Chris Stapleton co-penned “You Should Probably Leave,” with Ashley Gorley and Chris DuBois around 2014. He released it as the second single from Starting Over back in May of this year.

At its heart, “You Should Probably Leave,” is a song about temptation and desire. In the song’s opening verses, Chris Stapleton paints a picture of an on-again-off-again love affair. While he never goes into much detail in the song, the romantic tension between the couple in question is obvious. He just wants her to leave to avoid another bad ending to their broken love story. However, he gives in and lets her stay, setting them both up for another failure.

Chris Stapleton is no stranger to pouring out emotion through his voice. As a result, the combination of desire, apprehension, and heartache come through crystal clear. Jimmy Fallon’s guitar work and stage presence added a little fun to an otherwise stone-serious song. He was right, it was an interesting performance and definitely one worth watching.