Chris Stapleton Opens Up About Growing Up Listening to Charlie Daniels Band

by Matthew Wilson

This year has been a hard year for country music fans. Several great and talented musicians passed away. Recently, Chris Stapleton opened up about his love for the late Charlie Daniels’ music. Stapleton said he grew up listening to Daniels’ music.

“Probably from a musical standpoint, I would have to say Charlie Daniels was probably somebody that I listened to the most. Those records were in heavy rotation for me when I was a young man,” Stapleton told Taste of Country.

Daniels’ passed away in July after experiencing a hemorrhagic stroke. The musician was 83 at the time of his death. Daniels had a long and storied career as a singer and fiddle player. Stapleton said discovering Daniels had passed hit him hard. Daniels’ music was a way to remember his own father, who also passed away.

“They were records that my dad listened to. And I met Charlie a handful of times,” Stapleton said. “He was always good to me and nice to me and, you know, took the time to shake my hand and say hello.”

Chris Stapleton ‘Starting Over’ Album

Stapleton recently released his newest album “Starting Over” earlier this month. The album is Stapleton’s fourth studio creation and his first album since 2017’s “From a Room: Volume 2.” So far, fans love Stapleton’s latest music venture. The artist recently sat down to discuss his musical influences and heroes.

In addition to Daniels, Stapleton also loved Tom Petty and his music. The late rock star created music that combined rock, Americana, and bits of folk together into one collective stew. Prolific across his career, everybody has a favorite Petty song. For Stapleton, one of his favorite songs is “You Don’t Know How It Feels.”

“I was first introduced to Tom Petty as a teenager, or even younger than that,” Stapleton said. “I don’t remember the first time I heard some of his earlier works, but I do remember hearing ‘You Don’t Know How It Feels’ off the ‘Wildflower’ album.”