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Chris Stapleton Reveals Go-To Road Trip Album

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by: Mickey Bernal / Contributor via Getty Images)

Music is an essential when it comes to road tripping, and Chris Stapleton shares his favorite.

I think it’s safe to say that Chris Stapleton knows a thing or two about music. He’s won Grammy awards, ACM awards, CMA awards, and the list goes on. So when asked on “The Bobby Bones Show” by Bobby Bones himself if he’s a “big music guy” and “what does he listen to on a road trip,” Stapleton answers accordingly.

“Oh, this probably some for sure some Petty ‘Wildflowers’ happening,” Stapleton tells the show host in this clip on Instagram. The singer-songwriter goes on to say that Petty’s alum isn’t only his main record, it’s his main road trip record.

“Wildflowers” is one of Stapleton’s favorite records. He even paired up with Emmylou Harris to pay tribute to Petty by performing the album title track at the 2018 Grammy’s.

@ChrisStapletonis a big fan of one album in particular. 👏🏼🌸 Full interview at the link in bio or listen on demand to our podcast!”

Stapleton continues to tell Bones that it’s his favorite record and he loves it so much. Then he references his bass player, J.T. Cure, as a walking jukebox. The country music artist says he’s always listening to some good tunes around him.

Like any touring artist, Stapleton knows the importance of a good soundtrack for the road. And when you’re surrounded by musical geniuses, the options are probably endless.

So yes, Bobby Bones, Stapleton is undoubtedly a big music guy. With that many awards and for someone that not only sings songs but writes a majority of his music himself, you bet Stapleton’s going to know a thing or two about music.

Chris Stapleton’s Musically Influenced by Tom Petty

Just last week, Chris Stapleton shared a heartfelt Instagram post mentioning the effect that the late Tom Petty’s had on his career.

Stapleton mentions in the caption that the makeup of his music is deeply rooted in listening to Petty’s records. The post is in remembrance of Petty’s 70th birthday.