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Chris Stapleton Says Family Life Is Busy on the Farm: ‘It’s a Baby Farm’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/ACMA2019/FilmMagic for ACM )

While speaking with Bobby Bones on his radio show, the host asked country star Chris Stapleton how life is on his farm. The singer hilariously responded that it’s simply a “baby farm” around there.

Stapleton and his wife, Morgane, bought a 311-acre plot of land a few years ago for $5.5 million. They purchased their Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee farm back in 2017, which happens to neighbor his “Tennessee Whiskey” collaborator’s 126-acre estate. That’s right, the Stapleton family lives beside Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel.

However, Chris and Morgane Stapleton – a successful singer/songwriter in her own right – need the space on their massive 311-acre home. The couple who have been together since 2003, and got married in 2007, share five children together. Their family includes a 12-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl, but they have three children age three and under as well. In April 2018, their family welcomed twin boys into the world. Then in May 2019, their fifth child (another baby boy) was born.

The country musicians have their hands full on the farm with all those little rugrats running around. That led to Chris Stapleton’s hysterical explanation when Bobby Bones recently asked him, “What happens at the Stapleton farm?”

“What happens at the Stapleton farm? We take care of babies. It’s a baby farm,” Chris Stapleton joked as he and Bones shared a laugh together.

Chris Stapleton Misses the Road, But Loved Having More Time With His Family This Last Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept country singer Chris Stapleton and his family off the road in recent history. With concerts coming to a halt since last March, he and many other musicians have had extra time on their hands. During a recent press release from his music label UMG Nashville, he opened up about missing playing shows and touring.

“I miss touring deeply and I’m so ready to reach the light at the end of the tunnel and maybe get back out there and get to play for some folks. And I hope we get to do that very, very soon. Whenever that’s safe in a public health kind of way, you know,” Chris Stapleton said to UMG Nashville.

Yet Stapleton is beyond thankful for the extra quality time with his family and especially with his children. While out on the road for months at a time, he doesn’t always get to experience everything he’d like within a family setting. Thinking positively about the last year, he says he’s “thankful” and “grateful” to spend more time with his family. Additionally, he admits he’ll miss it when things go back to normal and he hits the road once again.

“The silver lining and the mixed blessing during the pandemic for me is I’ve gotten to spend more time being a dad and being with my children than I’ve ever gotten to do certainly as a touring musician,” Chris Stapleton explains. “I have three children under the age of three and I have two older ones that are 12 and 10. When I go in to get the boys in the morning, and I open the door, they say ‘Daddy’ before I even open the door. And I’ve never really had that before.”

“So, that’s kind of a neat thing for me to get to have that, so I’m thankful for that and I’m grateful for that. As much as I look forward to getting back out on the road, I’ll miss a little bit of that,” he admits.