Chris Stapleton Thanks Band, The Recording Academy After Grammy Wins: ‘I’m Gonna Need a Bigger Mantle

by Jonathan Howard

Add three more trophies to Chris Stapleton’s Grammy wins. After such a big night, he had a lot of people to thank, like his band. The singer-songwriter has become a prolific force at awards shows. Dominating the country music category in recent years. His songs are powerful, unique, and have captivated audiences. Part of that success is the fact that he’s been working with the same band for years.

Big nights like the Grammys are made even better when there are folks you can celebrate it with. Stapleton made sure to thank his band for always being there for him.

“I’ve played everything from my living room to stadiums with these guys. They’ve seen me on my best & worst days and had my back the whole time. They are some of the best friends a man could ask for and my musical brothers.” Now that is a message. You can tell that Chris Stapleton and his band are close with one another, through the lows and all of the Grammy wins.

Stapleton was able to walk away with the Best Country Song, Best Country Solo Performance, and Best Country Album. That’ son top of the ACM and CMA awards that he’s already won this awards season. He and his band have been on a tear and it doesn’t appear like it is going to stop.

It was a huge night for the country music singer. His song Cold which he referenced in his tweets, “I’m honored to be recognized alongside them for a song we wrote in one of those parking lots somewhere along the way.”

A powerful and forceful ballad, like Cold, started as a jam session. That’s country music Maybe Stapleton’s next collab will garner a Grammy.

Chris Stapleton Takes Three Grammy Wins, Talks About Collab he Wants to do Next

After so many years working with artists across genres, Justin Timberlake comes to mind, and Chris Stapleton has his eyes on a new collab. While talking to the media, the Grammy-award-winning artist was asked about who he would like to collab within the near future. He had to think about it, but he came up with a very interesting answer.

“There are lots and lots of people. But you know, I do those things when they come up and when the time is right and they all happen organically,” he said. “I don’t have a specific answer for you, probably, because I’m blanking right now. There are so many great artists.”

Then, he thought about it for a second.

“I like Harry Styles a lot. Harry Styles is making some really great music, he’s a great singer, great songwriter. Yeah.”

Whatever Chris Stapleton puts out, I’m going to listen. While Styles might not be a conventional choice, neither was Adele or Ed Sheeran, or Tom Morello… Stapleton x Styles. Fingers crossed it happens?