Chris Stapleton & and His Wife Put on a Show in New Photos from Atlanta Concert: ‘Ain’t No Disco’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Chris Stapleton and his wife, Morgane, are back on the road, singing and entertaining audiences across the country.

Sounds like the show in Atlanta Saturday night was super fun. Take a look at some of the photos taken from the Chris Stapleton show that were posted to Morgane’s Twitter account. She captioned them: “This ain’t no disco. Atlanta. 8.28.2021”

The Talking-Heads quoting Stapletons have had quite the week and the month.

On Aug. 17, Chris Stapleton released his cover of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. It’s all part of The Metallica Blacklist project, which features more than fifty covers from the group’s The Black Album. Stapleton released his on the 17th because it was the 30th anniversary of the song.

Chris Stapleton, Accompanied by Morgane, Performed on Seth Meyer’s Show

They both appeared Wednesday night on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Accompanied by Morgane, Chris Stapleton sang Worry B Gone from last year’s album, Starting Over.

Chris Stapleton sang and played guitar for his appearance on the late night talk show. Rolling Stone, in reviewing the act, wrote that the country star turned in “a typically terrific vocal performance.”

Stapleton released the album right before Thanksgiving last year. Starting Over, the title track of the album, went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Chart.

Last Sunday, Chris and Morgane Stapleton were in Austin, Texas to join Willie Nelson for his Outlaw Music Festival near Circuit of the Americas race track. Early reviews of the show suggest Chris Stapleton absolutely stole the show.

Stapleton brought a six-piece band with him. The audience loved his performances of Nobody to Blame, with Worry B Gone. And he also sang Tennessee Whiskey, which was extended to nine minutes so he could introduce everyone.

Before the show, Chris Stapleton tweeted: “Every time I get to play a show with Willie Nelson it’s the greatest treat in the whole wide world.” Meanwhile, Morgane posted a stage-eye photo of the packed crowd. Everyone who attended was required to show proof of vaccination from Covid or a negative test.

Sadly, Chris and Morgane also responded to a tragedy in Tennessee. The couple donated $10,000 to the family who lost twin 7-month-old daughters in the floods that overwhelmed Waverly, Tenn. Their father was trying to save all his children. But the water swept twins Ryan and Riliegh Hall from their father’s arms. He saved the twins other two siblings. A GoFundMe page has raised more than $119,000 for the family.

Now, Chris Stapleton and his wife are back on the road as he headlines his All-American Road Show Tour. Most of the venues for the next few weeks will be outdoors. After Atlanta, the Stapletons head to Birmingham, and Virginia Beach. And then Stapleton will head to Florida, Sept. 3-5, for the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam.