Chris Stapleton Says Winning Awards Is Always ‘Surreal’ After Big Night at the 2022 Grammys

by Taylor Cunningham

For Chris Stapleton, winning Grammys never loses its luster—not even after collecting eight career wins in only six years.

And three of those trophies came from last night’s ceremony. The singer won in every single category he was nominated for. Those nominations included Best Country Solo Performance for You Should Probably Leave, Best Country Song for Cold, and Best Country Album for Starting Over.

After the big night, Stapleton took some questions. And asked the one thing that almost all of us were wondering—did the eighth win still feel as exciting as the first? Of course, the answer was, “yes.”

“[It] Definitely doesn’t feel old,” he said. “You know, any time that you are even nominated for an award, or someone thinks enough of you to invite you to these kinds of shows, particularly the Grammys, it’s uh, you know, it’s a very surreal moment.”

And for Chris Stapleton, his Grammys experience was a “very surreal moment all day.” He also mentioned that performing Cold during the show with his bandmates was the cherry on top.

“What a special night for me. For me it’s special, and it’s special getting to do it with those guys,” he added. “We do it every night, really really special.”

John Fogerty Gave a Shoutout to Chris Stapleton After The Grammys

John Fogerty also had a reason to celebrate Chris Stapleton’s night at the Grammys because Stapleton’s award-winning album included a cover of Fogerty’s song Joy Of My Life.

And today on Twitter, Fogerty made sure to give the legendary singer a shoutout for his accomplishments.

But even though the Grammys was a momentous night for Stapleton, it came with a sacrifice that overshadowed the night. As he shared during his Best Album speech, his twins also turned four that night. And he regretted missing their special moment day.

“Everybody in this room has made some kind of a sacrifice to be up here doing this,” he said. “And I don’t know what it is for everybody, but I know that it hurts sometimes. Hopefully, we’re all doing it to make the world a better place, so that people living in it will love each other and come together.”