Chris Stapleton Wrote ‘Cold’ While Jamming Backstage With His Band

by Taylor Cunningham

Chris Stapleton got some major help from his bandmates while writing this year’s Best Country Song Grammy winner Cold.

As most fans know, Stapleton is as talented of a songwriter as he is a singer. To date, he’s lent his lyrical genius to nearly 200 tunes, and not all of them have been his own. The eight-time Grammy winner has also penned pieces for Ashley Monroe, Adele, Sheryl Crow, Joss Stone, and George Strait—to name a few.

And collaborating with other writers isn’t uncommon for Stapleton either. It’s become a standard practice for the singer. But his recent Grammy winner Cold has a unique backstory with some new songwriters that makes the writing experience more special than most.

As Stapleton shared during a post-Grammy Q &A, he wrote the song with his bassist, guitarist, and drummer while they were “backstage jamming” during a recent tour.

“The guys were backstage jamming what became the groove for that song,” he told a fan. “And I came in. And I was like, ‘hey, you guys, keep playing that because we’re just warming up.'”

The singer continued to explain that he and the band have a “warm-up kit” that’s “rigged backstage every night” when they’re on the road. And with that, Cold came together “very organically.”

“We hope those things pop out sometimes,” he added. ” But they’re not, you know, we didn’t sit down and map it out that way. That just, it just came to be. And those are the best moments sometimes for songs.”

Chris Stapleton Performs ‘Cold’ at the Grammys and Hits #1 on iTunes Music

After Cold won a Grammy for Chris Stapleton, he had the pleasure of performing it during the show. And in doing so, the song gained a new round of fame.

Since the ceremony pulls in fans from all different genres, many viewers had never heard Stapleton’s soulful music. And apparently, everyone loved it, as they should. Because by the next day, Cold had soared to the #1 spot on the US iTunes song sales chart.

And the recognition also earned him some Spotify cred. Shortly after his Sunday performance, he also celebrated a 350% boost in streams.

But despite the fact that he’s used to all the attention, it still feels new to him. And he made that clear after his winning his three trophies last night (April 3rd).

While answering questions about his experience writing Cold, he also chatted about winning so many Grammys during his career. And he said that hearing his name announced at the awards ceremony “never gets old.”

“[It] Definitely doesn’t feel old,” he said. “You know, any time that you are even nominated for an award, or someone thinks enough of you to invite you to these kinds of shows, particularly the Grammys, it’s uh, you know, it’s a very surreal moment.”