Chris Young Declares Reba McEntire Belongs on ‘Mount Rushmore of Country’

by Jacklyn Krol

Chris Young knows just how influential Reba McEntire is to him personally and the world. If country music were to ever carve a monument, he believes that McEntire belongs on it.

What Chris Young Had to Say

In honor of Women’s History Month, Young spoke about women in the country music industry that inspire him. In an interview with Sony Music Nashville, the “Drowning” singer first mentioned Reba McEntire without hesitation.

“A female artist that has definitely influenced me from [the] perspective of [a] stage show, vocalist, performance, and just how much she has accomplished in her career that I look up to is Reba McEntire,” Young said. “If you make a Mount Rushmore of country music, I have a whole lot of reasons why she should be on there!”

Young added that she’s both a fantastic person and artist. Over the years he has looked up to her and her career. Prior to his stint on Nashville Star, he was featured in her “I’ll Be” music video. You can catch Young as the boyfriend of the daughter of McEntire’s character. The video released in 2000 and Young is almost unrecognizable as a high school or college-aged student with a completely different haircut.

His Favorite Songwriter

Chris Young also spoke about who he looks up to as a songwriter is Liz Rose. He said that her writing has had a “profound impact” on him. Rose has written for Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Little Big Town, among others.

“I got a chance to meet her really early on in my career. Obviously, she’s had so many hits, so many hits” he added. “But just being in a room with her, being able to learn from her, I feel incredibly lucky to have that opportunity and to have someone that’s that adept at songwriting help me learn and help guide me as a songwriter and an artist.”