Chris Young Reveals Details About Album He Made During High School

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM)

We have news about a Chris Young album. No, it is not about one coming out right now. This Chris Young album was done back in high school. When he was in high school. Yes, we are turning back the clocks a bit with the help of this country music star. But he really was an interesting kid that, as he tells it, was finishing up this while his finals in high school were going down. Dang, this is really impressive.

Chris Young Talks About Making His First Album Before Success

“I was the very nerdy kid who was in advanced, honors English writing a thesis paper,” Young said on Amazon Music’s Country Heat Weekly podcast on March 17. “I had a buddy of mine lend me his studio over in Franklin to sing vocals in, and that’s where we did the vocals.”

“(And) I was writing songs as fast as I could to get stuff prepared to go out,” the country music star continued. “I did the art myself. You can tell that I did the art myself.” 

Meanwhile, Young also said that no one will ever get a copy of this album. He says this was the first of a long stream of albums released. Additionally, it would lead him to have quite a run as a country music singer. But, what about overcoming hurdles in his career? 

Country Music Star Says Labels In Nashville Did Not Give Him Chance

“First of all, I got passed on by every label in town,” Young says. “After I got my record deal, it was four years before I had something break [number] 37. I just got lucky with a lot of people that believed in me and my label deciding to keep me around, let me make a second record, putting me out on the road.” We get more from Sounds Like Nashville.

Chris Young also said that it has been fun to see how his hard work has paid off. “The people that have stuck around that I’ve known for a long time that really believed is really amazing,” he said. And it all started back in high school with that album he put together. Fans nowadays would love to get their hands on the first album. Forget about it. He’s not releasing it at all.

In conclusion, what type of career does he have right now? One that’s not shabby at all. Young is a multi-platinum-selling singer. He happened to be the most nominated artist at the 2022 ACM Awards. Young has his latest single out now. It was a duet with Mitchell Tenpenny titled At the End of a Bar