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Chris Young Gets Called Out for His ‘Strange’ Thanksgiving Day Turkey

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Big Barrel

Country music star Chris Young was called out on social media yesterday afternoon after he posted a picture of his Thanksgiving Day turkey.

The 35-year-old recently revealed that he is responsible for cooking up his family’s Thanksgiving feast. He posted a picture of his cooked turkey to Twitter yesterday afternoon.

“The [turkey] is ready!!!!!!!!!!! #Thanksgiving,” Young wrote in the post.

Shortly after posting the picture of his final product, one of his fans was quick to give him some criticism. “What’s that sticking out of the bird?” she asked.

Young took the time to respond to the fan, noting that his bird may in fact look a little strange in the photo. He says it’s all of the seasonings and spices that have cooked down.

“Bahahaha ok I admit that looks a little strange in the pic,” Young replies. “It’s aromatics (sage, rosemary, onion, apple etc) just cooked down!”

Family Counts on Chris Young to Cook the Thanksgiving Turkey

The country music star recently shared how he is always counted upon for cooking the turkey.

“I actually do the turkey every year, so that’s like my thing. This sounds like I’m cussing at you, but I spatchcock it,” he shares.  “That’s a method of preparing the turkey that involves butterflying the bird, making it easier to season.”

Young explains his methods in further detail.

“Basically what you do is you remove the spine and then you basically flatten the turkey out so it cooks faster and it doesn’t dry out. I do like a custom brine anywhere from 24 to 48 hours beforehand and then do all that,” he explains. “It’s just kind of not being afraid to do it and having done it before, it’s just repetition. It’s all it is.”

Young talks about how he came to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey for his family. He says it all started after a funny interaction he had with his mom. During a Thanksgiving preparation, Young decided that he would be a good contributing family member and prepare and cook the turkey.

“So the turkey every year is on me now because last year I decided ‘Hey, I’m going to cook the turkey’ and I’m going to do everything.”

Young continues to explain why his family relies on him to cook the feast.

“And my mom saw me doing it and was like I don’t have to do this anything. So, now that job has fallen to me. And, it’s a lot of prep work. And, it’s a lot of fun when it gets finally done. You take it out of the oven and everybody gets to carve into it. It’s pretty cool.”

Young and His Family Had to Change Thanksgiving Plans

Like many people around the country, Young and his family had to change their Thanksgiving plans this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The country star said he only planned to gather with a couple of immediate family members. 

“[We] won’t be doing like extended family, not getting like the whole aunts and uncles and cousins and stuff together this year, but I’ll probably get together with my parents,” he says.