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Chris Young Reveals One of His Friends Didn’t Like His ‘Famous Friends’ Song

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Harmony Gerber/Getty Images)

Chris Young may have many famous friends. Well, he certainly has enough “famous” friends to write a song about them!

Chris Young’s most recent number one hit was inspired by the country singer’s own real-life buddies.

The catchy tune encompasses something wonderfully simple. The Country star’s friends and their amazing accomplishments back home in Tennessee. From a record high school football season to being named teacher of the year – five times in a row; or even a friend who is part of the thin blue line, Chris Young tells us about them all in the latest number one hit. And country music fans cannot seem to get enough.

Chris Young Recorded Famous Friends On the Road

While fans of the country star are busy singing along with Young to “Famous Friends,” the country star remembers a moment when one of his own friends wasn’t so sure about the song.

“What’s really funny is, so Corey [Crowder] and I and Cary Barlowe, write ‘Famous Friends,’ we’re on the road,” said Chris Young about the origins of the hit song.

“All the guitar tracks, all the bass tracks are all Cary like lying into a computer, on a bus, which is just wild,” the star added, according to a recent PopCulture article. “But that’s what we ended up doing.”

Chris Young went on to say the song, which is a duet with another country music superstar, Kane Brown, was just about ready to be released. However, the singer when he decided to ask a few friends what they thought of the song; before it officially dropped.

“So we track the song, it’s done,” Chris Young remembered.

Looking For Some Feedback

“But the week before, I’ve played this song for a bunch of people,” the country star continued. “And some people are like, ‘That’s good,’ most people are like, ‘We love it.'”

But, noted Young, one listener wasn’t so sure about the country singer’s newest tune.

“I played it for the one friend that’s like, ‘Nah, man, not it,”‘he said.

Chris Young went on to say that he didn’t take the opinion as an insult; it was just an honest answer, he says.

“It’s like ‘Hey, I asked you for your opinion, which I did and you told me the truth,” Chris Young explained. “Which is how I took it.”

However, the country star added that he gets a kick out of reminding his friend how much he didn’t like the now popular hit.

“I get to spin it at the end to him now,” Young joked. “Every time I see him, I’m like, ‘Hey, remember that song you hated?'”

The country singer’s “Famous Friends” found its way to the top of the country charts after its release. This song is Chris Young’s twelfth number-one single.

Some of Chris Young’s other hits include the 2011 hit, “Voices,” “Aw Naw,” “Lonely Eyes,” “The Man I Want To Be” and “Think of You.”