Chris Young Shares Clip Cooking With Mother on Easter Sunday

by Joe Rutland

Country music singer-songwriter Chris Young found a way to celebrate Easter Sunday with a very important person in his life.

Young shared a few seconds of time with his mother as they were in the kitchen cooking up an Easter meal.

Take a look as Young manages to give his mom a couple of seconds on camera.

While it’s a short clip, Chris Young obviously is enjoying his time with family. It’s holidays like this one that, if families celebrate it, can give them a chance to enjoy their company.

Obviously, Young is looking forward to getting back to a busy touring schedule in 2021. For Easter Sunday, though, time was taken off to be with his mom and enjoy some home cooking. That’s not a bad way to spend a holiday.

Chris Young Works On Practicing Patience With His Own Dog

Late last year, Young was busy working on other things not music-related. He was practicing being patient while being around his dog.

Young can be seen in this Instagram clip doing his best to encourage Porter, his German Shepherd, to wait until he lets him take a bone. On the post, Young writes, “When you are practicing patience and your dog is over it.”

Young is laughing in the entire video as he tries to get Porter to obey the “wait” command. Now Porter is nearly three years old and maybe shouldn’t act like a puppy. Well, it doesn’t matter since Porter has decided to act like a puppy instead.

It makes for a cute video that Young shares with his social media followers.

Did you know that Chris Young created an Instagram account just for his dog? It seems Porter is famous on some level. His account had about 75,000 followers late last year, which is an impressive statistic.

Don’t Count On Young Practicing Basketball Anytime Soon

While Young continues to make sure Porter is trained in the good ways of dog life, don’t expect him to be on a basketball court soon.

In December 2020, Young responded to a fan’s Twitter comment and didn’t even want to consider a game between him and NBA player Jimmy Butler.

Now, this fan took a minute to remind Young that Butler is a fan of his work. The fan also said Young and his cohosts on The Quad with Chris Young podcast should face Butler and the Miami Heat.

However, the country singer wanted no part of Butler and the Heat. Young had no delusions that he and his cohosts would have any chance against professional basketball players.