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Chris Young Shares Hilarious Blooper From “Famous Friends” Promo Video

by Chris Haney
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On Saturday afternoon, country singer Chris Young posted on Twitter sharing an amusing clip of the musician fumbling over his own words while promoting his new single “Famous Friends.”

Young and his friend and fellow country artist Kane Brown released a new song on Friday called “Famous Friends.” As part of the promotion for the single, the country artist recorded a message about the new song for fans. However, the video didn’t quite go to plan since the artist misspoke when saying the title of his own song.

“Hey guys, Chris Young here. And my new song ‘Famous Frowns’ with my buddy…” Young said before abruptly stopping. The musician realized he called his song “Famous Frowns” instead of “Famous Friends,” and shared a laugh with the cameraman.

Young was a good sport about it saying, “That was a good one – ‘Famous Frowns,'” the singer said with a smile. Additionally, he shared the blooper reel with his Twitter followers.

“Mistakes were made #outtakes #famousfrowns #famousfriends,” he admitted in the tweet.

Young Talks About New Song With Friend Kane Brown

Recently, Young spoke about his new song “Famous Friends” featuring his good pal Kane Brown.

The country singers reunited for the collaboration after working together multiple times before. On Friday, the duo released “Famous Friends,” and Young says there’s “a lot of truth” in their newest single.

“Kane and I have gotten to know each other over the years,” Young told PEOPLE. “From him being on tours with me, from us writing together, from me guesting on his album in the past. All of this stuff came together. [The song] is fun, it’s super uptempo and I got to sing with my buddy Kane. All of this worked out as perfect as it possibly could on one song. This one has a lot of truth in it, as far as everybody that gets named in this song is an actual person.”

Young describes the new track as an ode to hometowns and the people you grew up with. In fact, both country stars sing about their hometowns in the song. Young sings about his hometown of Rutherford, Tennessee, while Brown sings about Hamilton County, Georgia.

“I wrote this with two of my buddies, Corey Crowder and Cary Barlowe. The same two guys that I wrote ‘Raised on Country’ with. We actually wrote this the same weekend. This was the same bus trip,” Young explained. “‘Famous Friends’ was really that kind of song about your hometown and the people you grew up with. There’s so many little special things about this that I’m so glad that it’s going to get out there and see the light of day.”