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Chris Young Shares Hilariously Relatable Christmas Tree Meme

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Chris Young proved he’s just like all of us when he posted a hilarious meme on his Instagram account.

The meme displays two men: a shirtless Jason Momoa and a comedian and actor, Rob Schneider. Above Momoa, the text reads, “Front of the Christmas Tree,” and above Schneider, it reads, “Back of the Christmas Tree.”

It was a lighthearted joke about the universal difficulty when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree. Something Young may be experiencing now that it’s officially the holiday season.

Chris Young’s Instagram Famous Dog

The country music star is no stranger to cracking jokes on social media. He has a knack for finding the humor in the everyday, relatable topics.

For instance, he recently took to Instagram to share his feelings about being a dog owner. In the Instagram video, Young attempts to get his German Shepherd to practice patience as he holds a bone in front of the dog. He captions the post by writing, “When you are practicing patience and your dog is over it.”

Young doesn’t take it too seriously, as you can hear him laughing in the background. His dog, Porter, who’s now almost three-years-old, still has the common puppy problem of being distracted.

Like Young, Porter is somewhat of a celebrity as well. The German Shepherd has his own Instagram account with almost 75,000 followers.

On his most recent Instagram post, there’s a video of Young hilariously teasing his dog with a bone appropriately captioning the video with, “But dad… why????” Again, you can hear Young chuckle in the background of the video.

It’s clear from browsing the Instagram page that Young and Porter are very close. Young makes sure he spends enough time with his pup, and Porter’s Instagram lets his fans get a peek into their relationship. As of now, the page has 311 adorable posts.