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Chris Young Tries ‘Practicing Patience’ With Dog But He’s Not Having It

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Chris Young is primarily a country music star, but he is also a proud dog father. He took to Instagram to share his thoughts on dog ownership.

Dogs bring so many people happiness as puppies. They’re cute and cuddly and give their owners a best friend for life. Also, most breeds are highly trainable and receptive to their new owner’s commands and desires.

Young certainly has a dog that he loves a lot but is finding it hard to get his puppy to respond properly. This is something that any dog owner can absolutely relate to.

In the video, Young is trying to get his German Shepherd to practice waiting till he allows him to take the bone. He captions the hilarious post appropriately.

“When you are practicing patience and your dog is over it.”

Young is laughing the entire video as he tries to get his dog, Porter, to obey the “wait” command. Although the pup is almost three years old, he clearly still has that puppy energy.

Young created an Instagram just for his dog. Porter is famous on some level, and the page boasts almost 75,000 followers which is impressive for anyone.

Over the years, Porter has grown into his own, and people eagerly await the next post from the puppy. In a recent post, the German Shepherd enjoyed a little turkey from Young’s hand.

Porter is evidently a very good boy!

Chris Young ‘Famous Friends’

Young has a new song out with Kane Brown called “Famous Friends.” Perhaps the song is a tribute to his Instagram famous dog.

Although it’s a nice thought, it isn’t actually the reason that he wrote the song. The song is really about people from his hometown. However, his friends back home aren’t famous. Young knows exactly who everyone is in his small town, therefore, to him, they are famous.