Clay Walker Announces Release Date for ‘Texas to Tennessee’

by Katie Maloney

Country music star Clay Walker will drop his latest album, Texas to Tennessee this summer. Here’s everything you need to know.

With 11 studio albums already under his belt, Clay Walker knows how to release a hit song. And his 12th album, Texas to Tennessee promises to be no different. The 10-song collection combines Walker’s classic 90s/2000s country sounds with modern aesthetics. That vibe is perfectly depicted in his first single from the album, “Need A Bar Sometimes.”

The song combines a twangy guitar with an updated mixed beat and it’s already gaining momentum. The song has already accumulated almost 11 million on-demand streams, is adding 1 million radio impressions weekly, and has amassed almost six million views for its official and lyric videos. Additionally, the video has also been number one or number two on CMT’s 12 Pack Countdown for more than a month. And it makes sense. The past year has had most of us dreaming of the day when we can freely grab a drink with friends at a bar. So, Clay Walker’s song is both catchy and timely. Walker co-wrote each of the album’s 10 songs. In a press release for the album, Walker said he collaborated with several accomplished songwriters to create Texas to Tennessee.

“I got to write with the best writers in country music,” said Walker “Every writer on this album is accomplished, most came in with ideas they thought fit me or developed ideas I brought and it led to real cohesiveness in all these songs.” 

In conclusion, you have to listen to “Need A Bar Sometimes,” and you’re going to want to check out the full album. Walker announced that Texas to Tennessee will drop on July 30. But fans can pre-order the album starting on May 7th.

Clay Walker’s “Need A Bar Sometimes”

Clay Walker Got His Name From a Hated Childhood Nickname

The country music star didn’t always go by Clay Walker. In fact, he was born Ernest Clayton Walker Jr. But his family quickly developed a nickname for him – and he hated it. In order to get away from the childhood nickname he hated, he shorted his name to Clay Walker. During an interview in 2020, he shared why and how he changed his name.

“Well, you know, I’m a junior. So my dad is Earnest, his dad was Earnest. My grandmother called me ‘Clay Boy.’ And I hated that they would call me that. There was this show called Spencer’s Mountain and there was a boy named Clay Boy. So they called me Clay Boy and it drove me crazy. And then I just shortened it to Clay,” said Walker laughing.