Clay Walker Absolutely Crushes Acoustic Cover of Keith Whitley’s ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’

by Kayla Zadel

Clay Walker sings “Don’t Close Your Eyes” in his classic country voice. We’ll be the first to tell you that the country music legend still has it and we get all the feels listening to Walker cover this classic hit.

The Texas native took to Facebook to share the video of himself singing the chorus of the Keith Whitley original.

Walker hits the notes perfectly as he plays along on his acoustic guitar and sings into a microphone. Fans of the 51-year-old have reacted to the video more than 54-thousand times. This post was shared on Feb. 12th and has over two-thousand comments.

“I loved Keith Whitley. Your version gave me goosebumps,” one person writes.

Another says they got “goosebumps” as well, “Absolutely beautiful cover of such a beautiful song! One of my all time favorites. Goosebumps.”

“Oh Clay what a beautiful job on my most favorite song in the world. I usually don’t like to hear other people sing certain songs, but you did a FABULOUS job!!!!” comments another poster.

Clay Walker ‘Needs a Bar’ in Recent Single

Clay Walker might not call it a comeback, because let’s face it, he’s been here for years. However, the country music singer-songwriter is returning to the music scene with new a new song, “Need a Bar Sometimes.”

The dad to six kids and a 200-acre farm, it’s no wonder that Walker needs a drink at the end of the day. However, the song is more than that, it relates to the trying times that the whole world has been going through. Moreover, Walker hopes that touring will soon be part of his future.

“I just hope there’s a place for concerts in the future, I really do,” Walker tells Sounds Like Nashville. “I think joy is the reward for living good. And if you can’t get out and be with people you love, and do things you wanna do, is that living good? Would you have joy? I would not. I’m a herd animal. I love my family, and I sure want to be out there performing, and feeling those endorphins and all those feelings that come with sharing music that I love with other people. I think at some point we will take that risk.”

Walker Working on New Music

With that being said, Walker has been releasing a slew of new music. He’s been working on a brand new album with a big name producer in the business.

“I’ve been working with Michael Knox, who is a great producer who produces Jason Aldean among others, and he really knows how to get it done,” Walker shares. “I feel like we have songs I’ve already recorded that are more than viable — I think they’re smashes that will get on the radio and people will stream them and love them.”

Walker’s newest track published on his Youtube channel is “Before The Next Teardrop Falls” with Freddy Fender. It’s got a classic, country beat mixed with a Latin sentimental feeling. After all, some of the lyrics are sung in Spanish by Fender.