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Clay Walker on Navigating Career with MS: ‘It’s Blessed my Life’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Clay Walker knows a thing or two about success and overcoming adversity. By age 26, he already had a couple of hits under his belt. That same year, though, he also had to tackle a pretty scary diagnosis head-on. Doctors told the country star that he had Multiple Sclerosis or MS for short. While uncertainty and a lot of tough feelings initially came up for Walker, he eventually decided to reframe all the negatives. He talked about that in a recent interview, offering a powerful quote about his diagnosis. He says it “blessed my life.” We’ve got the full chat for you below and hopefully, it can send a little inspiration your way.

Clay Walker Talks About How an MS Diagnosis Changed His Outlook on Life

Clay Walker joined Jason Fraley for his “Beyond the Fame” podcast to talk about his life path and career outlook. They discuss some of his hits like “If I Could Make a Living” as well as the life-changing diagnosis he got back in ’96.

“When I was first diagnosed, I was terrified,” he says. “The prognosis was hard to swallow. Most doctors said it would be a pretty horrific road.” He then went on to say that, luckily, “it turned out not to be.” He thanks “God and my family” for sticking by his side during the challenging road.

One of his most powerful songs to this day is called “A Few Questions.” It poses tough “asks” to God like the following: Why is there so much hurt in this world? Why do some people get sick, but others never do? It’s an emotional song no matter how you slice it.

While Clay Walker doesn’t have all the answers himself, he does say that writing the song was therapeutic for his MS journey. He also says that reading the Bible led him to some pretty big revelations.

“I do question things like the song: Why is there so much war?” Walker said. “When I was diagnosed with MS, I read the Book of Job. I had never read it. It was so deep and I thought, ‘Who would I be to complain about having MS? Look at what this guy went through.’ … It’s blessed my life. I don’t look at my life and say, ‘Golly, I have MS, poor me.’”

You can listen to the full conversation here:

More About the Disease

MS attacks the central nervous system and affects over 200,000 Americans each year. Clay Walker actually started a foundation to help with MS research. Previously known as the nonprofit “Band Against MS,” the foundation has since been renamed the Clay Walker Foundation for MS. As of now, there is no cure for the disease.

Here’s a special acoustic version of the song “A Few Questions” that Clay Walker did back at the start of 2020. It’s the same song he discusses in the podcast linked above: