Clay Walker Opens Up About 90s Country Sounds Making a Comeback

by Clayton Edwards

Clay Walker was a country music icon in the 90s. Recently, he dropped Texas to Tennessee to remind everyone of just how good he is at what he does. Listening to that record is like taking a trip down memory lane. More specifically, it’s like going back in time, tuning in the best country radio station in town, and taking a drive out to the lake. In short, it’s hard to beat.

However, Walker isn’t the only 90s hitmaker who is hitting the airwaves and the stage this year. For instance, Travis Tritt dropped Set in Stone earlier this year. It has the same time-travel effect as Clay Walker’s latest release.

At the same time, current country stars like Midland, Randall King, Jon Pardi, and Carly Pearce are folding influences of 90s country into their tunes. If you listen to some independent country artists, you’ll hear some of that as well. For instance, Mike and the Moonpies’ recent release One to Grow On, showcases some 90s influence on a couple of the album’s tracks. However, these artists aren’t just aping sounds that were popular in the past. If you ask Clay Walker, they just understand the fundamentals of country music.

Recently, Clay Walker sat down with Audacy to talk about his latest release and the resurgence of the 90s country sound.

Clay Walker Talks About the ‘Resurgence’ of 90s Country

“…Country has gone down a different path for quite a few years,” Clay walker opined. “They have forgotten some of the key elements that have always been there.” Those elements are making a comeback.

Many fans say that the 90s country sound is coming back. However, Clay Walker disagrees. He told Audacy, “People say, ‘Oh the 90s are hot.’” However, he asserts, “No, it’s not 90s. It’s just some of the elements that used to be there, that disappeared for a while and I think we’re going to see them come back…”

Clay Walker said that this isn’t an example of country music moving into the past but bringing those sounds into the present.

If anyone knows about taking 90s neotraditional country and bringing it into the 21century, it’s Clay Walker. He has embraced social media in a way that most artists from his era wouldn’t even think of doing. Right now, you can find him on TikTok doing duets with his fans as well as fellow artists. About the platform, Walker said, “I love TikTok more than any of those other formats…TikTok is really about engaging straight-up with those.”

About that engagement, Clay Walker said, “People would sing my songs and I would just get on there and duet with the. It was fun! They saw that I was enjoying it and I think that’s what resonates.”