Clay Walker Opens Up About Release of New Single, Upcoming Album in a Time ‘When We Can’t Gather’

by Matthew Wilson

Country singer Clay Walker understands the need for a cold beer, sitting around the fire or dinner table or bar. With all the craziness of this world, it’s clear that sometimes we all need an escape; a need to plop down in a barstool and sip on something strong. Sometimes, we all just need a bar.

On Outsider’s recent “The Road You Leave Behind” podcast, Clay Walker discusses his recent single “Need a Bar Sometimes” with Marty Smith. He talks about everything from Zoom call writing sessions to the difficulty of promoting new music in a socially distant world.

Walker’s newest single actually formed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Walker traced the genesis of the tune back to one of his collaborative Zoom meetings. Walker believes in collaboration on his songs and partnered with a group of songwriters to flesh out his upcoming album’s tracks. The country artist thanked his manager and producer for lining up the collaboration and helping him find a group of songwriters that matched his voice.

The Inspiration Behind ‘Need a Bar Sometimes’

Walker was in the middle of a Zoom meeting when he lamented the fact that they couldn’t work on music together in a bar.

“We were writing on Zoom, which was my first time to ever do that. Not a big fan of it,” Walker said during the podcast. “It certainly worked that day. I was sitting around and I said, I wish we were all down at Losers. Down there having a beer and talking about the end of the day. That’s where the best ideas come up, something just falls out of your mouth. It’s natural and an idea forms around it.”

“And I think one of the guys said, you’re right we do need a bar,” Walker continued. “And I went bing bing bing. So that’s where it came from. It’s got the good elements in it. A bar is useful, it’s not just for crying in your beer.”

For Walker, a bar means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It’s a place to meet friends, potential romantic partners, and to let off a little stress after the work week.

Clay Walker Discusses Singing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Walker also discussed how difficult things have been for Americans during the pandemic. He believed social distancing and the lockdowns had a psychological toll on many. As a result, Walker wanted to write a tune that harkened back to times many have been missing.

While things have been a little tough during the pandemic, Walker also listed some benefits he’s noticed as an artist. For one, he can rest his voice more frequently, not having to sing every night on tour.

“We feel like we’re dying on the vine. We’re not but it just feels that way, ya know. And I don’t know what the impact of that is. The benefit of it is when you’re on the road and singing a lot, you hurt your voice,” Walker said. “I don’t care who you are. I don’t care how correct you sing. There’s always going to be some wear and tear. And you don’t have time to heal up from it when you have one show after another. It’s great to catch one of your favorite singers on a few days vocal rest.”

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