Clay Walker Says ‘Nothing Beats Feeling’ Of Being on Stage, Gives Rousing Performance

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Grey Goose)

Country star Clay Walker loves nothing more than stepping on stage before a roaring crowd. He just wrapped up several performances this past month and hits the road again soon.

On Wednesday, March 23, Walker made a stop in Kentucky to play at the Lexington Opera House. He posted a video from the performance, where we can see him on stage with packed seats stretched out ahead of him. The crowd sings along with Walker and claps as he rocks out on stage, creating the incredible feeling you only get at a concert.

“Nothing beats this feeling…” Clay Walker captioned the video of him up on stage.

We for one hope Walker never gets sick of this feeling. He’s got several shows coming up throughout April and May, performing all across the United States. Some of them might already be sold out, just like a couple of his shows last month with Tracy Lawrence.

Walker and Lawrence hit the road in March and performed several concerts together. Three of them sold out right away, including one at the Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte, NC. They also sold out in the Berglund Performing Arts Theater in Roanoke, VA, and The Bell Auditorium in Augusta, GA.

For the April and May shows, it looks like Clay Walker will be alone up on stage, without his buddy Tracy Lawrence. Though it sounds like the two already had enough fun on their tour last month and in previous ones.

Clay Walker Opens Up About Friendship with Tracy Lawrence

Earlier, Clay Walker sat down with Taste of Country to talk about touring with Tracy Lawrence. Apparently, the two get into quite a bit of trouble when they’re together, especially when drinking’s involved.

“We… have a love for each other,” Walker told the outlet. “You can see it when we are around each other. I don’t drink shots until I get around him. This time, I’m going to try to stick to just beer and wine. But I got to tell you, when I get around him, all rules go out the window.”

While some rules are meant to be broken, in this case, Lawrence revealed that their antics left them unable to perform their next show.

“After the first show last year, I think we sat and sang every song we knew and drank for several hours,” Tracy Lawrence shared in the same interview. “It was not good. You’re supposed to save that for the last night. Neither one of us could sing for three days. We have to do better this time.”

It seems like they certainly did do better this time around, based on Walker’s recent posts.