Clay Walker and Tracy Lawrence Celebrate Back to Back Sold Out Shows

by Allison Hambrick
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Country singers Tracy Lawrence and Clay Walker are celebrating a huge success while touring together: three back-to-back sold-out shows. The duo sold out their Mar. 3 show at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte, NC. Then they sold out two more shows at Berglund Performing Arts Theater in Roanoke, VA and The Bell Auditorium in Augusta, GA the following weekend.

“The concerts have been well attended by the most loyal country music fans,” said Walker. “I could not have hoped for more!”

Lawrence also added: “What a way to kick off the tour with my long time friend by playing to a sold out crowd, and then continuing the tour with a second sold out weekend. The energy the crowds brought made it obvious that real country music is wanted and that is what we always do!”

Clay Walker’s Wife Put Tracker in His Phone Ahead of Tour With Tracy Lawrence

Apparently, the longtime friends party hard when they perform together. Walker explained that at the beginning of their tour, he and Lawrence went on such a bender that his wife put a tracker in his phone.

“After the first show last year, I think we sat and sang every song we knew and drank for several hours,” Lawrence revealed. “It was not good. You’re supposed to save that for the last night. Neither one of us could sing for three days. We have to do better this time.”

It sounds like the two learned their lesson for being on their best behavior. The two are set for a co-headlining tour in March, and Walker says he aims to take it easy. 

“My wife will call early the next morning, and she will be able to hear it in my voice,” he continued. “She ended up putting a tracker on my phone!” 

According to the country star, Lawrence brings out that side of him. He explained: “You can see it when we are around each other. I don’t drink shots until I get around him. This time, I’m going to try to stick to just beer and wine. But I got to tell you, when I get around him, all rules go out the window.”

Catch Walker and Lawrence on Tour

Walker and Lawrence still have a handful of shows left on this leg of the tour, so fans hoping to catch the duo on tour can do so on these dates:


Thurs., Mar. 17 | Wings Event Center | Kalamazoo, MI

Fri., Mar. 18 | Riverside Theatre | Milwaukee, WI

Sat., Mar. 19 | Owensboro Sportscenter | Owensboro, KY

Thurs., May 26 | MAD Amphitheater | El Dorado, AR

Fri., May 27 | Ozarks Amphitheater | Camdentown, MO

Sat., May 28 | The Cotillion | Wichita, KS

Tickets are for sale at and