Clint Black Recalls the Advice He Gave Miranda Lambert on ‘Nashville Star’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for dcp)

Nearly two decades after Miranda Lambert first appeared on the hit music competition series Nashville Star, one of the mentors from the show’s first season, Clint Black, spoke about the advice he gave to the now country music songstress. 

During his appearance on Taste of Country Nights, Clint Black chatted about telling Miranda Lambert while producing one of her first singles to hit the high notes more. “She sang in the studio for me when I was producing the single, and I had her doing some stuff. And she didn’t like that. And I told her and her mom, ‘You know, when she goes up in her high range, that’s the pixie dust. That’s the magic. And she needs to do more and more of that.’ But she didn’t want to. And I thought, man, she sounded great doing that stuff.”

Although she finished third on Nashville Star behind runner-up John Arthur Martinez and winner Buddy Jewell, Miranda Lambert went on to create quite a name for herself. Since the show, Lambert has released eight solo studio albums and five albums with Pistole Annies. She won the ACM Award for Female Vocalist of the Year for the ninth consecutive year in 2018. And she has won three Grammy Awards while being nominated twenty-one times. 

Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Building a Career Based on Telling the Truth 

While speaking to Time in 2018, Miranda Lambert opened up about her career since placing third on Nashville Star. “I have always been pretty honest, in my music and with my fans, about who I am. Being flawed, a regular girl with regular problems. I’ve made a career based on telling the truth.”

When asked how country music has changed since she first started out, Miranda Lambert admitted that the music genre has been “skewed” one way. “A lack of women and songs with content from women’s perspective. When Carrie [Underwood] and I first came on the scene, there was this generation of women before us. Over the past three or four years, it has been very male-driven. But I feel like it’s starting to shift and people are starting to pay attention col women again. Which is great. Because I think it should a good balance.”

While further chatting about the advice she has received from fellow country music stars, Miranda Lambert reflects on the advice she received from Dolly Parton. “When I met Dolly, the overall message was, ‘Keep going. You do you. Believe in what you believe in and don’t take no.’ That’s how I’ve always lived. But it was so nice to have someone like her reassure me of that.”

In regards to what she looking to sing about, Miranda Lambert added, “My focus is starting to head toward more storytelling. I spent the last 11 or 12 years writing about myth life. And that’s gotten me here. But some of my favorite singer-songwriters write from character perspectives.”