CMA Apologizes for Promising ‘Drama Free Zone’ at 2020 Awards Show

by Matthew Wilson

The CMA has apologized for originally promising a “drama-free zone” at the upcoming awards show on Nov. 11. The tweet garnered backlash from fans online for its strong wording.

In a follow-up tweet, the organization clarified its message. It said it miscommunicated its intentions to offer escapism from the COVID-19 pandemic and other social issues that plagued 2020. The organization also encouraged artists to express themselves however they wished.

The organization wrote, “We look forward to an evening of incredible music and celebration at next week’s CMA Awards. While our intentions with our social campaign was to communicate to our fans the show will offer a brief escape. We recognize that our phrasing did not convey that message. We welcome every artist’s right to express themselves.”

Originally, the organization tweeted, “No Drama, just music. It’s been a year, y’all. But for three hours next Wednesday on ABC, this is a no drama zone. More than 20 one-of-a-kind performances will help you forget the weight of the world for just a little while.”

Twitter Criticized the CMA for its Original Tweet

The CMA received backlash online for its original tweet. Several users took the opportunity to criticize the CMA for snubbing Carrie Underwood as the 2019 Entertainer of the Year. Instead. the award went to Garth Brooks.

One user wrote, “No drama? Your voters create the drama by not being fair. I understand people don’t want to hear about politics but this is a harsh wording to use.”

Another commented, “No drama? Except when you snub the most deserving artist of her awards year after year??”